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'heads of state, parliaments, tribunals, armed forces, police and mass media are just tools of the big transnational corporations. just tools of the big transnational corporations'


Where should we frack? A North East Green Party member replies to Lord Howell

Lord Howell suggests we should frack in the 'desolate North East'.

Emily Blyth from Sunderland and a member of the Green Party executive has a musical reply to Lord Howell:

Find a world with unlimited water, Where pollution is useful and rare,
Where earthquakes don't pose any danger, And go fracking there

Where climate change won't make a difference, A planet with nothing to lose,
Take your drills and your poisons and go there, And frack all you choose.

find me a planet where there's no other way
No wind and no sun shining day after day
Where the tides may flow out, but they never flow back,
That's where you should frack.

Find a world where there's nobody living, The landscapes are empty and bare,
No habitats needing protection, And go fracking there.

If no one is drinking the water, And nobody's breathing the air,
You can churn up the earth all you want to and no one will care,
So go fracking there.

Fight the Frack!

The local population of the quiet village of Balcombe in Sussex have erupted into protest.
The cause of this upheaval is energy firm Cuadrilla, which has been conducting exploratory drilling in the area.
Cuadrilla is looking to extract shale oil through the controversial process of fracking, which involves drilling into the earth and splitting shale deposits to release oil or gas.
For the locals in Balcombe the environmental consequences are appalling.
A cocktail of toxic chemicals are used in the fracking process and have the potential to get into the water table.
In 2011 fracking in Lancashire, also conduced by Cuadrilla, was halted after earth tremors.
You don't need a PhD in geology to realise that splitting rocks underground increases the risk of earthquakes.
And fracking has even been linked to lung cancer. In the US evidence has emerged that fine sands used in the process can cause…