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What Must Be Done to Stop Climate Change‏ by Chris Williams

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For a moment he lost himself in the old, familiar dream. He imagined that he was master of the sky, that the world lay spread out beneath him, inviting him to travel where he willed. It was not the world of his own time that he saw, but the lost world of the dawn--a rich and living panorama of hills and lakes and forests. He felt bitter envy of his unknown ancestors, who had flown with such freedom over all the earth, and who had let its beauty die.
Arthur C. Clarke, The City and the Stars

CAPITALISM STANDS as a death sentinel over planetary life.
Recent reports from institutions such as the World Bank detail how, as a result of human activity, we are on track for a four-degree Celsius increase in average global temperatures. Should this come to pass, the Earth would be hotter than at any time in the last 30 million years; an absolutely devastating prognosis that will wipe out countless s…

The Colombia Connection film showing 15th February

The Colombia Connection
(Director: Pablo Navarrete, Alborada Films, 2012)

As part of Movimientos' monthly event at Passing Clouds, there will be a special screening of the festival version of 'The Colombia Connection', a new documentary that explores Colombia's armed and social conflict and the role played by the US government.

... Time: 8pm-10pm (The film starts at 8.15pm and will be followed by a Q&A with the director Pablo Navarrete & the film's director of photography/editor Teilo Vellacott. They will also be joined by Mariela Kohon, director the of the human rights NGO 'Justice for Colombia')

Date: Friday 15th February

Venue: Passing Clouds - 1 Richmond Road, E8 4AA, London, UK
Train: Dalston Junction / Kingsland

Entry is free but donations will be collected for a Justice for Colombia campaign to help pay the medical costs of a Colombian student leader recently attacked by a neo-Nazi paramilitary group in the country's capital, Bogota. More…

Jerry Hicks has nominations to run for Unite General Secretary

I am absolutely delighted to be able to confirm that against all the odds and plenty of manoeuvres, we are on the ballot paper having had 56 nominations officially validated.We have others but some have yet to be sent in, and we are picking up more every day. We have until the 15th of February still to nominate, so no let up eh! A massive thanks go to everyone and had it not been for us McCluskey would have been unopposed extending his time in office to 2018 when he becomes 67 whilst denying members a vote. Instead the whole of our membership will now be given a voice and be able to make their choice of who they want as General Secretary. So we’ve already got our first victory by ensuring democracy is done and this moment should be enjoyed. We will hit the ground running so get ready for the roller coaster ride. Press release to follow [Bet you can't wait!] As the campaign proper progresses the differences will become clearer and the contrast greater. I don’t often quote the Beatles, …