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Green Party statement in memory of Nelson Mandela

 Dr Derek Wall, International Coordinator of the Green Party of England and Wales stated:

'Nelson Mandela was an inspiring figure, he showed that resistance to injustice is possible and that reconciliation is vital. Our memorial to him must be our resistance to injustice and inequality. Those who fight for justice are often condemned until they win the fight and belatedly are then described as heros, we need to be aware that across the world there are new Mandela's who will be abused until they succeed in making necessary change.

However Nelson Mandela must also be remembered as a peace maker, advocating reconciliation between former enemies, this is a practical side of his work that we can all learn from. South Africa has made great progress but it is still a society where poverty divides communities, we are aware that from the Marikana massacre to battles against electricity privatisation, the…

Marx or fried Mars bars?

The Tories are increasingly fond of deriding their opponents as Marxists - but DEREK WALL says there should be no shame in such a label David Cameron has quipped that Ed Milband is living in a Marxist universe - which says more perhaps about the ideologically blinked perspective of our Prime Minister than the beliefs of the leader of the opposition.
You don't have to be a Marxist to believe that energy companies are overcharging us. After all former Tory PM John Major has said just this and he is not exactly an out-and-out communist.
In Cameron's free-market universe the stars and planets would be up for sale and no doubt molecules would only react with each other if paid a profit incentive.
However it is worth asking whether Marx should influence our political perspectives today.
Perhaps unusually, unlike Miliband, I am happy to call myself a Marxist.
In British politics this seems…

Caroline Lucas: Cameron 'attitude to green levies shows his contempt for the most vulnerable

Lucas: PM’s attitude to green levies shows his contempt for the most vulnerable For immediate release: Thursday 21 November 2013 Commenting on reports that the Prime Minister has dismissed fuel bill levies that fund energy efficiency measures, as “green crap”, Caroline Lucas, Green Party MP for Brighton Pavilion, said: “These levies include funding for energy efficiency measures which help low income households cope with soaring energy prices. “Whatever language the Prime Minister has used to describe them, his determination to roll them back says everything about his contempt for the most vulnerable, and his lack of interest in serious action to tackle climate change, or to bring down fuel prices in the long term “By focusing the debate on green levies, which represent only a fraction of energy bills, the Government is obscuring the real reason for rising costs – which is the increasing wholesale price of gas, and the profits of the Big Six energy companies. “If…

Green Taxes or greedy power companies?

Subsidies for environmentally friendly power sources are regularly maligned as leading to higher prices for customers - but what's the truth? DEREK WALL takes a look The CEOs of Europe's 10 largest energy companies met earlier this year at the Brussels museum of Rene Magritte to lobby the European Union on energy matters.
Magritte was, of course, a surrealist well known for his paintings of umbrellas raining upon us.
Given the surreal policy objectives of the group, which wants to slash funding for renewables, the venue might seem appropriate.
Yet hardly a day goes by without an attack on renewable energy in the British media.
With electricity and gas bills climbing, the energy sector is keen to blame "green taxes" for rising energy bills, while suggesting that environmental energy will lead to the lights going out.
In Con-Dem Britain, where wages are often falling compared to inflation,…

Green Party Conference motion on fracking

Learning from Latin America fringe at Green Party conference

Where next for the Green Party?

Green Party conference opens today in Brighton.  Brighton has been at the forefront of Green Party electoral success, electing our first MP Caroline Lucas and first Green Party local authority.
However, it provides serious challenges for the party. 

Caroline Lucas has made a significant impact on the political system in Britain. From her arrest for opposing fracking to her passionate speech against war in Syria to her Private Members Bill to renationalise the railways, she is often a lone voice against austerity and neo-liberal economics. It is difficult for the Green Party of England and Wales to win seats at Westminster, given the first past the post system, so every Green Party member knows that the most significant task they face is to ensure her re-election. At the same time, the Conservatives, Lib Dems and Labour Party machines are desperate to remove her.

There are few firm voices in Parliament advocating ecological sanity, peace and opposition to the cuts agenda.  All on the lef…

Green Party Executive Election winners

GPEX election results From members website

 The successful candidates: Chair - Richard Mallender Elections - Sam Coates Equalities & Diversity - Shan Oakes & Jack McGlen (job share) Finance - Michael Coffey Internal Communications - Peter Barnett Local Party Support - Emily Blyth
Commiserations to Simon Hales, Geoff Smith & Sam Riches.

Gold mining in Greece: stories of resistance and repression

Noticed this on the Green Left email list so thought I would share
Come and hear first-hand accounts of resistance to gold mining in Greece by Eldorado Gold, a company listed on the London Stock Exchange.
Thursday 19 September, 7 to 9pm, Unite House, 128 Theobald's Road, Holborn, London, WC1X 8TN
Nearest tube Holborn. See map at Facebook event As spaces are limited please RSVP at
Under the pretext of a severe financial crisis Greece is reasserting its investor-friendly profile by opening up all goldmines across the country without regard to the threats that mining poses to the environment and to people’s livelihoods. Foreign investors are particularly welcome: fast track processes; tax relief; exception from damages; easy money; no royalties; no problems.  

But the true picture is not so rosy! Sham public consultations, questionable deals designed to advance specific corporate…