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Resistance to ATOS (video

The Conservatives and Lib Dems are attacking those with disabilities just as the paralympics celebrates their achievements.

All the money the government save from driving those with disabilities into poverty helps with their tax cuts for corporations.

I wonder whether Nick Clegg offers to push people in wheel chairs and then propels them into the local canal?

Its shocking to be in Con Dem Britain, so good to see some protest.  Hope these people roll up to the Lib Dem conference.

Venezuelan Presidential election film

A group of British socialists are planning to make a film of the Venezuelan Presidential election in October.

Hugo Chavez looks is if he will win but the US government continue to try to destabalise Latin American governments and the mainstream media tend rather than looking at the real strengths and weaknesses of the left in Venezuela to follow the line of the established powers.

So alternative voices are vital

Using our video team from London, our plan is to capture the process in Venezuela, documenting as much as possible in order to spread the inspiring example of the Bolivarian Revolution far and wide. It seems that the British corporate media (including the BBC) have pre-set plans to slander the Venezuelan people and their struggle for democracy (see link). We aim to smash the British media blockade by bringing real news and real reporting to explain the Venezuelan process to people in Britain. Not only will we be uploading short clips and interviews as we record them acro…

Women of the Oglala Lakota nation march against White Clay liquor store

Just got this from Intercontinental Cry do follow them

Photo: Deep Green Resistance On August 26, women of the Oglala Lakota Nation stood alongside allies to send a message to the predatory liquor vendors in White Clay, Nebraska. It wasn't long before the police came to rescue the blight of a town. White Clay only has a population of 14, yet it has 4 liquor stores and sells approx. 12,500 cans of beer each day. They sell those cans to anyone, be they bootleggers, intoxicated people or minors. They also trade beer for sexual favors. They need to be shut down. Jessica Garraway of Deep Green Resistance Great Plains reports. Women’s March and Day of Peace Turns Violent– Protesters Arrested Women of the Oglala Lakota nation along with activists from Deep Green Resistance, AIM Grassroots, Un-Occupy Albuquerque, Occupy Lincoln, and Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center took part in a…

Liberties and Commons for All

I have been cracking on with my book about Elinor Ostrom so blogging less but this is a great piece from Peter Linebaugh on commons.
Liberties and Commons for All Weekend Edition August 24-26, 2012  Preface to the Korean Edition of Magna Carta Manifesto  Liberties and Commons for All by PETER LINEBAUGH Of the aristocratic and stylish six Mitford sisters, Jessica provides us with the Lazy Interpretation of Magna Carta beloved by sluggards everywhere. As a lovely communist (two of her sisters were fascists) she was disowned by her family and fell from the social peaks of English aristocracy to the Dickensian depths of the Rotherhithe docks in London in 1939. Unable to pay the rent she and her husband lived in fear of the process-server who they avoided by going in disguises which the process server soon came to recognize. "Esmond had a theory that it was illegal and in some way a violation of Magna Carta to serve…


Confirmed TOMORROW - Sunday 26th 1pm!

ARCTIC SEA ICE IS CRASHING. To mark the breaking of the all time record minimum for arctic sea ice extent, we will meet outside Downing Street with a block of ice carved to represent an iceberg and, authorities willing, will hand in a letter to Number 10.

When you think that the actual minimum for this season is unlikely to be reached till mid September or possibly later then you begin to realise how much of a bombshell this really is - we could see the all-time low record not just broken this year but obliterated....!!!

This means that an ice free arctic ocean could very rapidly become a reality and the consequences could be profound....for the effect that the warming arctic is already having on global weather patterns - with devastating impact on global food supplies.

Hugo Blanco ' the attacks on Zapatista communities are intensifying'

Peruvian campesino Leader asks #YoSoy132 to Support Zapatistas   ** The leader urges them to defend the “island of freedom” created by the EZLN by: Hermann Bellinghausen Hugo Blanco, campesino leader and director of the Peruvian publication Lucha Indígena (Indigenous Struggle), denouncedfrom Peru “the real reasons and forces” that want to destroy what he calls the “zone liberated from neoliberalism, where the people govern themselves”, in a message of support to the communities of the Zapatista National Liberación Army (EZLN, its initials in Spanish), which speaks “to those who search for a free world”. “In 1994, at the full culmination of the neoliberal system that oppresses us, a voice of rebellion arose, the Zapatista movement in Chiapas”. Blanco calls on the #YoSoy132 movement to “understand that it is their fundamental task to defend the isle of freedom that is in their own country. Crushing the Zapatistas would make it easy to crush #YoSoy132.” Considering that “it i…

Slavoj Zizek on Pussy Riot


The True Blasphemy

Pussy Riot members accused of blasphemy and hatred of religion? The answer is easy: the true blasphemy is the state accusation itself, formulating as a crime of religious hatred something which was clearly a political act of protest against the ruling clique. Recall Brecht’s old quip from his Beggars’ Opera: “What is the robbing of a bank compared to the founding of a new bank?” In 2008, Wall Street gave us the new version: what is the stealing of a couple of thousand of dollars, for which one goes to prison, compared to financial speculations that deprive tens of millions of their homes and savings, and are then rewarded by state help of sublime grandeur? Now, we got another version from Russia, from the power of the state: What is a modest Pussy Riot obscene provocation in a church compared to the accusation against Pussy Riot, this gigantic obscene provocation of the state apparatu…

Ecuadorian Embassy rally This Sunday, 13:00

CALL OUT: This Sunday, 13:00, Ecuadorian Embassy

Ecuadorian Embassy- Fight US Imperialism in London!
Where Knightsbridge, behind Harrods

THIS Sunday!
Please come to London to support Assange! The Ecuadorian embassy has a 24 hour vigil.

Please spread the word, online and to Latin Americans living in UK about the disgusting invasion of Ecuador's sovereign territory; 22:00 the previous night 8 police vans pulled up to the Ecuadorian embassy and attempted to storm sovereign Ecuadorian territory of the Ecuadorian embassy under a rarely used 1987 law regarding defunct embassy properties.

There were only 3 of us vigiling at that time!- I was one of them. (we have maintained a vigil at the sight for the past 8 weeks). We did get a call out; and the response was massive.

This threat is still real - A martial law police station is set up in the same building where the Ecuadorian embassy is housed- total lack of respect for Ecuador!

Please translate and circulate widely!The UK has no respect for E…

Unite Political Summer School Belfast

Ireland has amazing green and socialist political traditions, although sometimes troubled ones, I have for example quite been quite critical of the Irish Greens coalition with Fianna Fail.

My friend and comrade Greg Sachno of Unite invited me over to take part in last years' Jimmy Brown lecture. It was a superb event and I was very pleased and humbled to be invited over.  Jimmy was a trade unionist from county Fermanagh and very much concerned with defending rural works.

If you can get along please do so, I am sure it will be a great event and nice to see Steven Agnew Green Party MLA taking part.

Andean struggles links in English via Hugo Blanco

Just had these links from Hugo Blanco, gracias comrade!Peru: Cajamarca dialogue nears collapse Peru: more protests over mining, water Peru: state of emergency extended in VRAE Ecuador to export via north Peru pipeline Colombia: UN calls for dialogue with indigenous movement Chile: mine workers occupy church in protest

Derek Wall for International Coordinator (video and interview)

We posed questions to all the candidates for international coordinator. Here Derek Wall replies to our questions; Could you tell us a little bit about yourself? I am a writer and economics lecturer.  I live in the countryside in Berkshire and enjoy spending time with my girlfriend and children.  I am keen on cooking, gardening and reading.  I have plenty to occupy myself but since I was 14 I have been absorbed by Green politics. Green politics is so important, we can live well without wrecking the environment but we are failing to do so. Since I joined the party in 1979 I have been busy campaigning, electioneering and working to promote a green vision of ecological responsibility and social justice.  At present I am a Parish Councillor and I have had nearly ten books published on Green politics including the No Nonsense Guide to Green Politics. What do you think the priority of the international co-ordinator should be? To build solid links with Green Parties and the green movement glob…

Food Production and Nature: the Deadly Paradox of a Class-Riven Society

(just had this from Chris Williams, thanks Chris)
More than 50% of counties in the United States are now officially designated “disaster” zones.The reason given in 90% of cases is due to the continent-wide drought that has been devastating crop production.48% of the US corn crop is rated as “poor to very poor”, along with 37% of soy; 73% of cattle acreage is suffering drought, along with 66% of land given to the production of hay. The ramifications of the drought go far beyond what happens to food prices in the United States.With the US producing half of all world corn exports, as corn and soy crops wilt from the heat, without coordinated governmental action we can expect a replay of the disastrous rise in food prices of 2008, which caused desperate, hungry people to riot in 28 countries.In that instance, food was available, but hundreds of millions of people couldn’t afford to buy it.Should food prices increase to anywhere near the levels of four years ago, it will be a catastrophe fo…