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Get down to Brighton and elect first Green MP

Paul Steedman, campaign manager for the Greens in Brighton Pavilion, said: "The last few months have seen a continued rise in attention and support for the Green Party especially in Brighton. Going into the last weekend of the campaign sees us with a surge of momentum and we expect to have around 150 people knocking doors and meeting voters all across the constituency."
"What we have found on the doorstep is no evidence of the Clegg bounce, instead the Lib Dem vote has collapsed, repeating their poor performance in every election for the past five years. In Brighton the Greens are the party of change. It's clearly a two-horse race between us and the Conservatives."

More here

Geoff Martin says vote Green

Geoff Martin, Labour's parliamentary candidate in Sutton and Cheam in 1992 and a leading campaigner in the fight to save services at St Helier Hospital today called on local voters to back Sutton's Green Candidate Peter Hickson.
Geoff Martin, who lives in Sutton and who was expelled by the Labour Party last year, said: "Voters sick and tired of the spin and sleaze of the main Parties have a real choice in Sutton and Cheam and I would urge them to vote for the Green candidate Peter Hickson and give the political elite a real kick up the backside.

The Greens oppose privatisation of services like the NHS and support workers rights and decent pay and pensions. I would call on all trade unionists and socialists in Sutton to make a positive decision and give Peter Hickson and the Green Party your vote.

The Labour Party in this area is dead in the water and traditional Labour voters who feel badly let down by 13 years of Blair and Brown have a real alternative in Peter Hickson an…

Caroline Lucas 'I respect my Labour opponent Nancy Platts'

All the other parties have trained their fire on the Greens in Brighton.

There can only be one reason for all this attention: they see the Greens as front-runners in the race and regard us as the party to beat - just like the bookies.

The Tory tactics are clear - to split the progressive vote and bustle unsatisfactorily through the middle.

They seem to be hoping that, if the Labour share rises at the expense of the Greens who are the favourites, the maths might just work for them.

Of course, this would be a disaster for the majority of people in Brighton who do not want to be represented by a Tory.

Yet it's interesting that Labour's campaign locally has largely escaped close scrutiny.

I respect my Labour opponent Nancy Platts.

As far as her personal campaigning goes (no comment on her wider team's tactics), she has been straightforward and kept to the issues.

However, despite this, one thing doesn't add up.

In Nancy's election leaflet, she starts by writing, ‘I am proud t…

Greens should vote Lib dem?

well Lord Avebury has been superb but here in Berkshire we remember the Lib Dems supporting the Newbury by-pass...a giant road like a motorway that cut through fields and forests of our beautiful county.

A Green Party spokesperson today branded the Lib Dems “the biggest eco-charlatans on this part of the planet”:

“Objectively speaking, the Lib Dems are the least trustworthy party on the environment. They have proven themselves the party most likely to say one thing and do another. Their track record is spotty to say the least.

“They say they want a low-carbon economy with new green jobs. But last week they revealed a plan to put the pathetic sum of £3bn into this, promising only a few thousand new jobs. The Green Party, on the other hand, has started with science-based CO2 targets, done the arithmetic and shown how to pay for a £44bn green investment package, which would create over a million new jobs.javascript:void(0)

“The Lib Dems talk about stopping roadbuilding but they’ve supported …

Climate vigil

from Christian Ecology Link



Ruth Jarman

e-mail :

Jo Abbess
Local Call Rate : 0845 45 98 46 0

e-mail :



1. Christian Ecology Link, the Campaign against Climate Change, and
other members of the Stop Climate Chaos coalition are holding an
overnight vigil between Saturday 15th May 2010 and Sunday 16 May 2010,
celebrating the Earth in the Arts, and reminding the newly-formed
British Government to act decisively and urgently on Climate Change.

2. As part of the Climate Vigil, Christian Ecology Link, with the
support of Operation Noah, is offering an ecumenical service at St
Martin-in-the-Fields Church, Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 4JJ, on
Saturday 15th May 2010 at 11pm (23:00), to which all are welcome :-

3. Mark Dowd of Operation…

Happy Birthday Mumia Abu-Jamal

"When a cause comes along and you know in your bones that it is just, yet refuse to defend it--at that moment you begin to die. And I have never seen so many corpses walking around talking about justice." - Mumia Abu-Jamal

Lets keep working for the liberty of Mumia Abu-Jamal, the US authorities are very keen to kill him.

Arthur Scargill targets Caroline Lucas

The Socialist Labour Party formed by Arthur Scargill are contesting Brighton Pavilion....pretty dumb if you ask me.

Its the number one constituency for the Green Party, perhaps they might have chosen some where else.

I suspect their vote will not be large.

SLP candidates list here....seem more like spoliers than a serious party.

Independent on Sunday say Vote Green and elect Caroline Lucas

"They have been able to do what the left hasn't been able to do, which has been to put forward an alternative to the free market and sound credible."

Mark Steel, Comedian

"Vote for what you believe in. There are no real differences between the main three parties. If you really want change, vote Green."

Alistair McGowan, Comedian

"The Green Party is the only political party to have a consistent message on the environment."

Nick Reeves, Executive director, Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management

More Here

Condensed Green Party manifesto

Green Party policies

Fair is worth fighting for

The banking system
The Green Party would fight for a fair financial deal, with community banks, credit unions and mutuals, providing realistic loans. We will fight to introduce a High Pay Commission to reduce financial inequality.

Health and the NHS
Greens oppose cuts, closures and privatisation and demand a full programme of locally accessible services. We want free social care to the elderly and to abolish prescription charges, re-introduce free eye tests and ensure widely available NHS chiropody. We will also fight to restore free dental care and provide everyone with an NHS dentist.

All pensioners should receive a non-means tested pension of £170 per week. We should also provide free care and support for those living independently. The Green Party manifesto shows how we could introduce free home insulation for all, with priority for pensioners and those living in fuel poverty.

The Green Party would build new council homes, s…


Spotted this in Schnews, good news....I lived in St Werburghs in 1993/1994....its a great place to live, rather miss it



Bristol eco-village set up camp this week with huge support from
local people and activists from all around the country. The off-grid,
urban community kicked off last Saturday (17th) on a patch of waste
land in St Werburghs - previously notorious for fly tipping, arson
attacks and hard drug users.

The 'swoop' to take the land started with activists
forming a walking block and cycle block, trailed by an obligatory
police presence. After a wild goose chase to lose the cops (who
eventually got bored and wandered off), both teams took the site at
about midday.
The first day was spent clearing the site of rubbish, yielding a
plethora of waste building materials which have been put to good use
with tyre walls for an earthship being constructed, two composting
loos on the go and recycling facilities …

Statement from climate conference Bolivia 'Today, our Mother Earth is wounded and the future of humanity is in danger'

Today, our Mother Earth is wounded and the future of humanity is in danger.

If global warming increased more than 2 º C, which would lead to the so-called "Copenhagen Understanding" there is a 50% chance that the damage caused to our Mother Earth are totally irreversible. Between 20% and 30% of the species would be in danger of disappearing. Large tracts of forests would be affected, droughts and floods affect different regions of the planet, deserts extend and exacerbate the melting icecaps and glaciers in the Andes and the Himalayas. Many island states disappear and Africa suffer a temperature increase of more than 3 º C. Likewise, reduced food production in the world would create catastrophic effects for the survival of the inhabitants of vast regions of the planet, and dramatically increase the number of hungry in the world, which already exceeds the figure of 1,020 million people.

Corporations and governments of countries called "more developed" in complicity …

UBS cleaners demonstration

Hi everyone

Just a reminder of the UBS cleaners' demo, 5pm on Friday 23rd April at 100 Liverpool Street.

We will be demonstrating not only in defence of the cleaners' conditions and for the reinstatement of sacked shop steward Alberto Durango, but also in protest at cleaning company Lancaster's role in the detention (and planned deportation) of a recent ex-UBS cleaner*.

Bring friends, bring something that can make a noise, bring banners... and come yourself too...

David Broder

Derek Wall rejects Heathrow expansion

Derek Wall, Green Party candidate for Windsor, said a third runway would "devastate" the area."People feel the area is already blighted by Heathrow."We're not 'nimbys', this is not about just one area, we want to see no expansion of aircraft, we need better rail services."


And what of Mr Clegg personally? Well, he has fiercely condemned the influence of lobbyists as part of the "old politics" and called for "reform on lobbying". But he has been distinctly coy about his own two past spells as a lobbyist, leaving them off his official biography on the Lib Dem website. Most interesting and recent is Mr Clegg's high-level stint, in the middle of his political career, with GPlus, the influential and controversial Brussels company.
Peter Guilford, GPlus's founder, explicitly pitches his firm as the place for organisations with "a real problem affecting their reputation". Its clients have included the Malaysian Palm Oil Council, whose plantations are accused of contributing to tropical deforestation (GPlus argued for a relaxation of EU regulations to allow more palm oil imports)

More here

Green Nick Clegg? Well one of my real non Green Party green political heros is of course lib dem Lord Avebury who did a splendid job suppo…

Live report from Birminghall Hall Green, Salma looks like a winner

Just has this report from Ben Bradley of the Green Party and Green Left, he has been working very hard to get the Greens ahead in Solihull but has been campaigning for Salma Yaqoob....Greens are backing her and she is backing some of us, Labour seem to be fighting dirty against her and have produced a leaflet about the Lib dems which has proved offensive!

That is not the half of it. Labour also put out a leaflet telling people that Salma is only standing as a councillor and that she has kept this a secret ( - They can not even spell her name correctly.

When Salma told people this is clearly not true then Labour got desperate and dragged our name in to it. - Hence I then got involved.

It is not just Salma they are using dirty tricks against. Have a look at this outrageous leaflet about the Lib Dems -I have never seen something so disgra…

Caroline Lucas makes opposing digital bill a priority for when she is MP

Sizewell anti-nuclear power camp

Please circulate widely.

Stop Nuclear Power Network

Camp Against Nuclear New Build
Friday 23rd – Monday 26th April

The UK government is now talking about

massive expansion of nuclear power in the UK.

Sizewell is planned to be one of the first built....

Campaigning against new-build is stepping up. If we want to stop the next

generation of nuclear power – NOW is the time to act.

- Friday at 2pm Sizewell beach car park- to set up the camp.


Saturday 24th, 12noon – 2pm at the entrance to Sizewell A and B

A protest outside the gates of Sizewell opposing nuclear power and supporting the


Public Meeting

Saturday 24th, 7:30pm at Leiston Community Centre

Some people from the camp will be explaining the reasons for the camp and recent direct

actions at the NPS - including, why they are against nuclear power, the alternatives and the

problems with the decision-making over the UK energy structure.

Workshops and Walks

Sunday 25th, At the Camp

Basic nuclear physic…

New book asks 'Why Vote Green'?

'Radical politics, Climate Change mitigation and a Just Society are what makes the Green Party a force for good and deserving of the voter's serious consideration. We saw, in chapter one, why Greens understood that gaining office was not an end in itself but a vital means towards delivering radical political, social and ecological solutions fit for the scale and urgency of the challenges faced by humanity today. The Green Party thus heralds its optimism in a democratic politics worthy of the name. We recognise a human responsibility to both non-human animals and future generation, in pursuit of long-term, selfless values. By choosing to appeal to voters, and to respect them, as rational agents, we seek to engender trust in politics. Greens are responding to a calling, not making a career move.' (Ali 2010: 114)

Biteback have just published a series of six books asking why vote?, why vote Conservative, Labour, Lib dem, etc.

They are concise and can be read in a few hours,…

Open letter to participants of the climate change conference in Bolivia

Open letter to participants in the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth

Following the complete failure of the COP15 and the climate negotiations that came before it, it is clear that the world’s governments, their intergovernmental organizations, and the corporations who sit at their tables, are not capable of taking the steps needed to prevent further climate change and the devastation it brings. Copenhagen was their ‘last chance’ – and they failed. Instead, they treated all of our futures as another round of trade negotiations. It is now up to people of the world to take back decision-making power and start making the changes that we urgently need. As climate justice activists based in Europe we welcome the People’s Conference as one important step on the long journey towards a post-capitalist society and are happy to have this opportunity to discuss, learn and plan with other climate justice activists around the world.

Our daily lives are increas…

Best UK politician: Caroline Lucas

Chosen by Johann Hari
Saturday, 17 April

Since 1997, Britain's emissions of warming gases have actually risen – and if you factor in the emissions from goods now manufactured for us in China, they have risen dramatically. Very few politicians have been honest about the crisis we face, or demanded the swift transition to an economy powered by the power of the sun, the wind and the waves. Working on the inside, the Environment Secretary Ed Miliband has a strong claim to this award, often trying to drag other government departments towards radical low- carbon approaches. But he is, in the end, too tainted by ineffective compromises, and by his sometime promotion of false solutions like the myth of "clean coal", to clinch it.

The politician who has most inspiringly proposed solutions to the climate crisis is in another party and another parliament altogether. Caroline Lucas joined the Green Party 20 years ago when it had a shabby office and almost no full-time staff. She has …

Ben Bradley refutes lies about Salma Yaqoob

'Equality, ecology, peace'Green Party manifesto for download

our vision
Some will tell you that ‘green’ issues are a luxury in times of
economic hardship. Wrong. Green policies are essential if we are
to get out of this mess and create a sustainable and fair economy.
Our vision is of a fairer society that meets everyone’s needs,
and an economy working with nature rather than against it.
Of a more equal society. Of higher incomes for pensioners rather
than bonuses for bankers. Of quieter, cleaner, safer streets.
Of stronger local communities and the space for children to play
and learn. Of healthier, safer, better food and the quality time
to appreciate it. Of a natural world left more to itself.
This dream is achievable. All it requires is political courage – and
popular democratic backing for that courage. Only the Greens
want to see the back of rampant inequality, deregulation and
laissez-faire. Only the Greens have understood the lessons of
the financial crisis, and know what to do about it. Only the Green
Party has a vision for Britain that will see a bett…

Novelist backs Derek Wall for Windsor

Very pleased to have an endorsement from the novelist China Mieville backing me as Green Party candidate for Windsor:

'With the shamefully similar agendas of the main parties in this election, radical voices are more essential than ever, for democracy and decency's sake. Derek Wall is one such voice, and a vote for him is a vote against the drab, right-wing status quo.'

He also told me, 'Having stood in 2001, you have all my sympathy for the work involved. It was absolutely exhausting.' He was a Socialist Alliance candidate back then.

Chinese Green activists fight the authorities to save East Lake

Lib com are a great source of news, must link more often, now I know there are some huge ecological and land struggles in China but I don't have the direct contacts as i have in some parts of the world.

The Battle for East Lake in Wuhan, China

Submitted by husunzi on Apr 13 2010 18:37
tags: China community activity demonstrations environment

Hundreds of Wuhan citizens are fighting to save the city’s East Lake Ecological Tourist Scenic Area from plans to fill in part of the lake and develop the area commercially.

Villagers and fishery workers evicted by the development have been negotiating with the local government for compensation since December, in the face of physical assault by hired thugs. And last week hundreds of urban residents and students planned a protest march, but this was canceled after police visited the homes of organizers, students were warned against participating by school authorities, and at least one organizer had his internet cut off.

Representatives of the develop…

Vatican blames gays for child sex abuse

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone says gays caused the church paedophilia scandal

London - 13 April 2010

The number two in the Vatican hierarchy, the Pope's Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, claims there is a link between homosexuality and child sex abuse.

"He has, in effect, blamed gay priests for the paedophile scandal that has engulfed the Church," said human rights campaigner, Peter Tatchell, who is a spokesperson for the UK 'Protest the Pope' campaign.

See the story about the Cardinal's comments here:

"Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone is a blatant distorter of the truth and an outrageous homophobe. His vile smears against gay people bring shame and dishonour to the church," added Mr Tatchell.

"The Vatican is trying to deflect attention from the sex crimes of Catholic clergy by blaming gay people. This is really sick.

"The truth is that priests and bishops abused girls and boy…

Caroline Lucas 'personalised election broadcast'

Ecosocialist rally at global climate conference in Bolivia, on 22nd April

Estimados companeros, dear comrades,

el evento del Red Ecosocialista Internacional esta fijado como anunciado
abajo por los organizadores de la conferencia. Es un poco infeliz, yo
pidi por el miercoles en la tarde, pero espero que nos vemos alli.

the event of the International Ecosocialist Network will take place like
announced below by the organizers of the conference. It is a bit
unfortunate; originally I asked for Wednesday afternoon, but anyway: we
will meet there, I hope.

*Código del evento: 50*
Lugar: Universidad del Valle (UNIVALLE)
Sala: Audi. Soc. 2 Sur
Capacidad: 165 personas
Fecha: Jueves 22 de abril
Hora: 8:30 a 10:30

Saludos fraternos/Fraternally



Santiago de Cali, 8th April 2010

Eight miners were murdered by armed men travelling in two vehicles and a motor bike. The killings occurred in a place known as “Alto de Ovejas”, a rural zone in the municipality of Suárez, department of Cauca, southern Colombia. The place where the massacre occurred is the upper part of the Ovejas river. It can be reached by a one and a half hour journey on foot.

We, the undersigned organizations, have warned of the serious situation caused by the social and armed conflict which the municipalities in the Northwest of Cauca are experiencing, especially in the Municipalities of Suarez, Morales and Buenos Aires. We urgently demand an explanation from the National Government as to why, despite numerous demands for protection for communities in the zone and despite the large numbers of military and police contingents deployed in the areas, the perpetrators of this massacre were completely free to enter the territory, commit the crime and leave again with impu…

BBC 'Green Party have 'real chance' of MP after election'

Green Party have 'real chance' of MP after election

The Leader of the Green Party told Andrew Marr that people 'liked their policies'. Lucas also said the argument that cutting public services was a good idea was 'fantasy'.

Green Party leader Caroline Lucas sees a "real possibility" they will get their first MPs elected to Parliament.
Ms Lucas told the BBC that the Greens offered something different to the "identical" main parties, challenging the need for public spending cuts.
She said her party would reform the tax system to make society fairer, asking high earners to pay more as well as restoring the lower 10 pence tax rate.
Ms Lucas is one of 300 Green Party candidates standing at the election.
Ms Lucas told the Andrew Marr programme that she wanted to challenge the "fantasy" that public services had to be cut to deal with the deficit.
'Fairer society'
She said money could be saved in a way that did not damage frontline service…

Salma can win!

This is a good report from Ger Francis of Salma Yaqoob's campaign, Salma (leader of the RESPECT Party) backed the Green Party in the Euro-elections and has been urging voters to support Caroline Lucas, she has done great work for peace, green new deal and anti-cuts.

The Green Party in Birmingham stood down their candidate to give Salma a boost....any where here is the report.

The word on the street is that she is going to win. She has got momentum and for good reason. In the last week 1,000 people have attended her election rally, built largely by word of mouth, and the retiring Labour MP has attacked the Labour candidate while endorsing Salma! That is about as good a week as you can hope to get in this game. The only thing that would have topped it would have been Labour’s postal vote scam being exposed. But maybe that’s to come…

When Salma did her walkabout on the Stratford Rd yesterday she got a fantastic response and her posters are going up in loads of shops. The response of h…

Venezuela deserves a fair hearing. Pablo Navarrete

A media focus on Hugo Chávez means the voices of the Venezuelan government's grassroots supporters are rarely heard

Pablo Navarrete, Sunday 11 April 2010 10.00 BST

It is a little over 11 years since Hugo Chávez first assumed the presidency in Venezuela, following a landslide election victory that swept the country's discredited traditional parties out of power. Since then, Chávez has presided over a radical and controversial process of reforms that has been increasingly vilified by the mainstream media – and the English-language media has been no exception.

Rightwing outlets, such as Rupert Murdoch's Fox News channel, regularly refer to Chávez as a dictator, even though there have been 12 national elections during his time as president – most of which received unprecedented levels of scrutiny by international observers and were systematically deemed as free and fair.

More surprising for many has been the position taken towards the Chávez government by media outl…

Obama punishes Bolivia for fighting climate change

Well I am not surprised. If you do something real about climate change you get punished. Chris Bryant MP as a Foreign Office MInister visited Peru and failed to make any public protest about the massacre of indigenous people defending the Amazon on June 5th last year at Bagua (make my day if lost on May 6th).

Sadly good deeds are punished.

Countries that reduce the barriers to oil exploration, biofuels that cut down forests, mining in national parks get rewarded by countries like the UK and US.

Typically Britain's best friends in Latin America are Peru and Colombia, i.e the countries with the worst human rights.

The news today is that because Bolivia is calling for real cuts in CO2 Obama has cut aid to the country to deal with climate change.

Read more here

Brighton blogger 'Brighton Pavilion has been awash with Greens today'

Brighton Pavilion has been awash with Greens today. Between 80 and 100 activists (not all party members but people who want to see Caroline Lucas in parliament)flooded the constituency. Even in the heyday of Labour activism in the 1980s, there was rarely a day when there was a mass turnout like this.
Channel 4 News covered the Greens campaign, filming over two days, and interviewing Ms Lucas, Charlotte Vere for the Tories, Nancy Platts for Labour, and some bloke for the Lib Dems since their candidate is so invisible that it has become embarassing. Nancy and Charlotte must have been frustrated by the editing of their interviews since what came across was a single “Stop Lucas” message. Knowing both of them, they stand for much more than this, but it is a reflection of the campaign locally. It has long since been a straight fight between three impressive women.

More from Brighton blogger here

Vote for Palestine!

I have signed the Palestine Solidarity Pledge

Call on Israel to end its violations of international law, including ending its illegal occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza
Oppose any attacks on universal jurisdiction and support bringing those responsible for Israeli war crimes to justice
Work to end the siege on Gaza
Call on the government to ban the import of settlement goods
Call on the government to suspend the EU-Israel Association Agreement
Call for an end to Britain’s arms trade with Israel

See which other General Election candidates support the PCS pledge here

Greens run full slate in Berkshire

I am getting too busy with the election to blog, stall today in Windsor went good.

Great team of supporters, Climate Camp activists from Windsor helped, my middle son's godfather Larry came as well and my eldest son Vince...and Dan from Royal Holloway.

Canvassing South Ascot tomorrow....Windsor monday night....Wraysbury tuesday night....probably a bit pushed with work on wed and thursday.

Another stall next satuday in Peascod Street, come along and say hi.

Really getting some intelligent voters asking me difficult questions and taking the whole thing very seriously.

Cheapside was great yesterday.

If you live in Windsor email me on wallddd (at) and I will send you a poster, come around and kiss your pets, etc!

East Berkshire Green Party now has all four constituencies covered with Miriam Kennett running in Slough, well known for her green economics work she will be a great candidate.

I am running in Windsor, Peter Forbes in Maidenhead and David Young in Bracknell.

Labour MP endorses RESPECT PARTY candidate

Lynne Jones MP has just endorsed Salma Yaqoob.

Well she says as MP for part of what is now Hall Green constituency that Salma is closer to her values than Godsiff the Labour candidated.

Incidentally I was very pleased that Salma has called on Windsor voters to vote for me in the General Election.

More here

Roll of honour tiny number of MPs who voted against digital bill

April 8, 2010
The DEBill Roll of Honour - the stars who voted No

Who voted NO?
Vote #2 – Question put forthwith (Order, this day): That the Bill be now read the third time

Ian Paisley, Kate Hooey I am not so keen on.

Some lib dems, even a scattering of Tories, a few Labour.

And of course Dai Davies, independent green socialist welsh MP, getting him back into parliament should be priority for all readers, good luck to him in Blaneau Gwnt

Full list here...if you local MP didn't vote no, give them gentle hell!