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The Other China Syndrome

The Other China Syndrome
[col. writ. 11/21/09] (c) '09 Mumia Abu-Jamal

We are all taught to think about things like economics, as things to be placed in boxes, like mail is sorted at the post office.

This goes in this box; that goes in that box.

But economics is such that it goes into every box -- and every box leaks into it.

It's not just a matter of dollars and cents; it's actually a matter of pesos, rupees, euros and yen.

And it's also a matter of foreign affairs, of international relations, of wealth and power.

If we ever questioned this notion, we need only look at America abroad, especially the recent visit of President Barack Obama to China. Traditionally, U.S. presidents go abroad to engage in bouts of global bullying, to bark or lecture host governments about the terms of their relationship (think of U.S. politicians in Afghanistan, for example).

Not so in China today, where Obama neither barked nor bellowed.

That's because China is…

Nature reserve bulldozed

All the hysteria about baby eating Muslims reminds me of the racism against indigenous people in much of the world.

In Paraguay despite a left leader, indigenous people are still under assault and the hard right came close to a coup a couple of weeks ago.

I notice that tosser Rory Carroll has a lot more about Chavez than about the real human rights abuse in Latin America, it would be great if the Guardian was a bit less like the Daily Mail when it came to Latin America, he will be linking Morales to cocaine smears next.

Journalism can kill if you think about it.

Any way shocked to see this story, spread the word and when you stopping buying the Guardian send you money to Survival International.

'The reserve, in the Chaco region in Paraguay, is home to the only uncontacted tribe in South America outside of the Amazon, the Ayoreo-Totobiegosode.

The reserve is being destroyed despite UNESCO’s objective to protect the Ayoreo-Totobiegosode, including ‘the recovery, legalization and return …

Greens at Hands Off My Workmate

just had this from Jonathan, thanks mate, good example of social eco crossover, if you are on the left and pissed off with dodgy sects, right wing labour and the SWP why not just get involved in necessary stuff, a lot of it about!

Hello everyone!

Along with our fellow member and traveller, the great and Green Zain Sardar, I attended the Hands Off My Workmate activist meeting last Tuesday, and given our discussions relating to this at the London Fed meeting in October, and the fact that many Greens were either at the related conference, also in October (which launched the initiative), or have been involved with the campaigns relating to migrant workers in London, I thought I'd pass on details regarding the main areas of debate:

1. The possibility of a christmas appeal to provide some means of financial assistance to those cleaners forcibly removed in the raids on SOAS earlier this year. Although I imagine this will largely be confined to activity at SOAS.

2. The possibiltiy of a big de…


Coinciding with the start of the UN Climate Talks in Copenhagen

Date: Sat Dec 5th 2009
Time: 11am for 12 noon
Meeting point: Speakers Corner, Hyde Park, London.
Googlemap: Click here

Join Muslims and other LINE supporters, along with thousands of others for what is expected to be the biggest climate demonstration to date. LINE reps are aiming to arrive at speakers corner at 11am. Please meet them any time from then on (just look out for the LINE banner or stall), remembering to dress appropriately for the weather! And with thousands expected, the sooner you can join them before the big crowds get there, the easier theywill be to find. Please feel free to bring any nibbles, food, chai etc .. to share, if you are able.

Speakers will include: Michael Meacher MP (Lab), Simon Hughes MP (Lib Dem), John McDonnell MP (Lab), Caroline Lucas MEP (Green) and Maria Sauveron (Bolivian ambassador).

The Emergency Rally will feed into the main event, the Wave, organised by the Stop Climate Chaos Coalit…

Don't do nicotine kids


The argument that cannabis is a gateway drug to tobacco might be a good reason for cracking down on it.

Drug death stats are worth thinking about.

Boycott Switzerland! Minaret ban vote goes wrong way

'The Geneva Mosque was vandalised on Thursday when someone threw a pot of pink paint at the entrance.

Earlier this month, a vehicle with a loudspeaker drove through the area imitating a muezzin's call to prayer and vandals damaged a mosaic when they threw cobble stones at the building.

Rights' defenders have raised vocal objections to the campaign posters, which show minarets rising like missiles from the Swiss flag next to a fully veiled woman.

Minarets are typically built next to mosques for religious leaders to call the faithful to prayer, but they are not used for that in Switzerland.'

More here

Looks sadly like the xenophobes have won the vote at least according to exit polls

It looks like a scary white country.

Islam has been demonised, which of course will be helpful to those who want to promote hatred.

I guess Bin Laden and the Swiss People Party will both be celebrating.

Islam is as European as i…

Nandor on ETS scandal in New Zealand

There is blood in the water. The emission trading scheme now looks like nothing more than a bait ball for hungry sharks, and the feeding frenzy is on. The National / Maori Party scheme will hand around $110 billion from New Zealand taxpayers to businesses while doing nothing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Federated Farmers, not content with the bulk of the fishy proceeds, wants to vacuum up the whole damn lot. They are calling for the Government to scrap the entire scheme without offering a proposal they would support, other than taxpayers picking up 100% of their tab. With all this, it's hard to blame corporate iwi leaders for wanting to get a feed as well. They are currently negotiating (we hear) to plant native trees on conservation land and grab the carbon credits.

The problem arises, of course, because the Government's proposed changes to the emission trading scheme are so contrary that they subsidise the polluters – farmers and industry – and punish the foresters. Mao…

Swiss populist attack Islam

The referendum against minarets in Switzerland is pretty bizarre and islamaphobic.

I can imagine another religion from the Middle East having its 'alien' buildings banned by people who are essentially racists.

In fact I can think of two other religions.

I am critical of fundamentalist interpretations, well interps which are intolerant, homophobic and anti-women but I am not calling for evangelical churches to be bull dozed.

Populist far racists are whipping up hatred for political gain.

UKIP certainly contains people who believe that the Koran should be banned.

In Switzerland the right want to prevent places of worship exising

Its a religion get over it.

More here on the referendum.

John Gormley to allow Poolbeg incinerator to go ahead

A load of hypocritical politicians from parties who support incineration such as Fianna Fail have been criticising John Gormley for allowing the Poolbeg incinerator to go ahead.

Like Baldrick, John Gormley had a 'cunning plan', to make it too difficult for the incinerator to make a profit.

‘I am, therefore, concerned that the proposed incinerator will prove to be seriously oversized, and indeed that a liability for the ratepayer and taxpayer may ultimately arise," said Gormley.

He said that ‘‘the most appropriate course of action’’ was to appoint an authorised person under the Local Government Acts to review the project. Gormley said it was up to the council to discuss with his department ‘‘how the project might be brought into line with the emerging reality of the waste market and waste policy’’. more here

However John Gormley has allowed the incinerator to go ahead and the incinerator corporate sponsors know that John Gormley will not be around in the future.

Hey I guess Joh…

Elect Caroline Lucas MP

Went canvassing with Caroline Lucas, excellent response, she can win if people support, climate change get serious help elect first green MP.

My worry is that local Green Party activists across the UK will do their local thing, this needs to be supplement with actual work in the three target seats.

Caroline Lucas has the best chance of being elected and this would then have a knock on effect.

If enough people go down and canvass and leaflet she is a shoe in.

If most Green Party activists do local stuff and don't give her practical support it will be more difficult.

The next action day in Brighton is January 9th but from now on there is daily activity.

If you are concerned about climate change and other ecological ills, take action, go and support the campaign to elect Caroline.

Any way I had a positive couple of hours helping and meet lots of people who said they would vote Green, several for the first time.

So email or phone to find out how you can help

caroline [at] carolineforpavilion.o…

A fifth international

pretty cool statement from the USFI, the fractured far left in the UK often look shallow and manipulative and don't seem to do ecology, I am not a fan of Trotsky (or of course his bete noir). This said the USFI continue to impress, a very good statement on what is right and wrong with Chavez's cool for a fifth international.

Strong emphasis on ecology, self-mangement and independent struggle.

it pleases me that the USFI can learn from the Awajun and Wampis.

Chavez calls for Fifth International
Decisive lessons from Stalinism & social democracy
François Sabado


During an international meeting of left parties held in Caracas from 19-21 November, 2009, Hugo Chavez launched a call for a Fifth Socialist International which, according to him, should bring together left parties and social movements. According to the president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, the Fifth International must be “an instrument for the …

Hugh Kerr endorses Caroline Lucas

Just saw this comment from a former well known socialist MEP in response to my appeal to support Caroline.

send me the address and I will send a donation Derek and as the first UK member of the Green Group in the European Parliament can I offer my public endorsement for Caroline.If you would like a quote here it is “As a former Labour MEP and the first UK member of the Green Group in the European Parliament I urge all voters in Brighton and Hove to vote for Caroline Lucas.I have watched Caroline in action in Brussels,Strasbourg and Britain and she is one of the most exceptional member of parliament of our time she would make a superb MP for the people of Brighton and Hove” Hugh Kerr Labour and Green MEP for Essex West and Hertfordshire East 1994-99.

Comment by Hugh Kerr

Mayans arrested,

More than 200 Indigenous Mayans were arrested this week for setting up a roadblock just south of Cancun, in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo.

On the night of November 24, Mayan ejidos (communal landowners) from the municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto went to block the main highway leading from Felipe Carrillo Puerto to Cancun after learning the government would only pay half of the reimbursement monies they were promised after losing many of their crops due of a lack of rain during this year’s monsoon season.

Once the state and federal police officers caught up with the Mayans, according to statements from Ejido commissioners and delegates, they started to abuse and arrest anyone they could get their hands on. The police then scoured the streets of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, where the confrontation took place, arresting anyone they considered to be an Ejido. 228 people were arrested in total.

The Latin American Herald reports that all 228 Mayans have been transported to a federal jail…

Irish Greens and Catholic Church

Just had this from Joseph Healy, dare say the Gombeen men and women will soon be on.
This follows on from a major report into abuse of children in church run reform schools in the Irish Republic. The Irish state established tribunal to investigate such cases to award compensation – some of it money from the state and the rest from the Church. Thousands of people have lodged cases and won awards. So far Ireland has been the only country to do so. In other countries, victims still have to pursue cases through the courts.

At the recent Green Left general meeting we agreed to take part in any protests about the Pope’s state visit to the UK. The points made in this interview re the global role of the Catholic Church are important. The Irish Greens at all the conferences of the European Green Party have opposed any social policy decisions which are opposed to those of the Catholic Church. They refused to support policies on abortion and sex education which they regarded as too progressive – …

Joining me tomorrow to help elect first Green MP

There is a lot of talk.

Much fear.

Little action.

Making the change is going to involve electing some better people.

I am off to Brighton to help Caroline Lucas's election campaign tomorrow between 10 and 11am.

Join me!

'The Eco Centre, 39-41 Surrey Street


East Sussex

t: 01273 766670
m: 07908 260528

The Green Party's latest campaign involves raising the profile of their prospective Green Party parliamentary candidate, Caroline Lucas, in a bid to make history and elect her as Britain's first Green MP. Each Wednesday they hold a voter survey activity. People meet at the office at 5.30pm before heading off to the northern wards. Travel is arranged and paid for in advance. Every first Saturday of the month they hold an action day where locals, as well as supporters from all over the country help out. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all provided for free. If you think you could spare a short am…

Ostrom on the war in India, Copenhagen and research

Climate, too, is a 'common' resource. How do you visualise 'governing the commons' operating at the international level, in the context of the debates over carbon caps and the summit next month at Copenhagen?
Climate change is a global phenomenon that requires a global response. But by focusing only on the level of global governance, we could miss out on benefits that could result from responding to the issue at individual, local, regional and national levels. Developing effective nested institutions at multiple levels is one of the key challenges of the contemporary era. For example, in Berkeley, California, there are city initiatives to help residents pay for installing solar panels; California has stringent state targets for air pollution; then there is the Regional Greenhouse Gas Consortium, made up of 10 northeastern states. Critics may argue that local and regional actions won't solve the climate change problem, but cumulatively, they're significant.

Right …

SOAS meeting on ghetto hero this monday

Please spread the word, The Ghetto Fights! is a very inspiring story of Jewish socialist who fought the SS in Warsaw, Marek Edelman is sadly missed but he came so near, so many times to dying in 1944.

The Jewish Socialist Group continue to inspire as well. Just shows that the revolution will be SOAS - ised.

Please come along and forward to anyone else who may be interested in this meeting

SOAS Palestine Society



Marek Edelman, 1919-2009:

A Commander of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising"

a talk by

David Rosenberg,

Jewish Socialists' Group

Chair: Diana Neslen,

Jews for Justice for Palestinians

Monday, 30th November,

7pm, Room G2

Clergy are not border guards

I do a lot of work with green Muslims and there is tremendous tradition of Islamic politics which is plural, tolerant, feminist, green. Reminded of this by David Graeber yesterday

There are also some great people in other traditions, I was just about to look for this item from Rev Dick Wolff when he made a helpful comment on another blog entry.

Scary that the Church is being made to act against migrants, good Samaratians, well I guess they would get their papers checked and they would be chucked out.

Incidentally do look at Rev Wolff's blog, great to have him as a member of Green Left but depressing how walls are being built and migrants are seen as enemy number one.

If you read the Daily Mail remember prejudice kills!

Looking into the eyes of Pilate
address to Wessex Synod, 21 Nov 09 responding to the following paragraph in the Synod Executive report :

On behalf of the Ministries Committee of the General Assembly, the Synod is required to verify that all stipendiary ministers and Chur…

Bolivian Embassy reception for climate campaigners

Invitation to reception for Bolivian delegation, Bolivian Embassy, Thursday 3 December, 6.30-8.30pm

Please find attached an invitation to a reception at the Bolivian Embassy to welcome a delegation of social leaders from the Bolivian Civil Society Climate Change Platform.

The delegation is visiting London on their way to the Copenhagen climate change conference and they are here to let people in the UK know about the impacts of climate change in Bolivia, and to disseminate their message of climate justice for the world’s poor.

The delegation is comprised of five members of the Climate Change Platform, from Bolivia’s key union and indigenous movements as well as experts from Bolivian NGOs.

The reception will take place from 6.30-8.30pm on Thursday 3 December.

The address of the Embassy is 106 Eaton Square, London SW1W 9AD.

Please RSVP to if you plan to attend.

Take action, indigenous village demolished for second time

Green politicians I respect them if they stand up for the indigenous, if they don't I rapidly lose interest.

The earth is being destroyed, indigenous people stand in the way of the destruction, they are swept away if greens fail to stand up for them, they are not really green.

Green New Deal great but if we campaign for it so strongly we forget the environment and the indigenous, it will be too little, too late

Rant over, spread the word!

As many as 300 troops from Panama’s National Police have once again demolished a Naso village in Bocas del Toro.

No injuries have been reported, however, some 150 adults and 65 children have been left with no shelter and limited access to food and water.

The demolition was carried out on November 19, after the Governor of Bocas del Toro tried to convince the Naso community of San San Durui to voluntarily abandon their ancestral territory. The Naso refused to accept the Government’s terms.

Once the police arrived, according to Panama Profundo, the c…

SWP back Jerry Hicks

Socialist Workers Party, don t ya hate them! Well I am critical of them but when they do good I am very happy to spread the word, they are doing the work of Gaia when it comes to Jerry Hicks, a solid green trade union activist, socialist and former SWP member, very good of the SWP to support some one they fell out with, excellent non sectarian spirit.

Jerry Hicks campaign for Unite leadership launched
Jerry Hicks, the victimised left wing Rolls Royce worker, has announced that he will be standing in next year’s election for general secretary of Britain’s biggest union, Unite.

Jerry won 40,000 votes for general secretary in the Amicus section of the union earlier this year, standing against the incumbent Derek Simpson. His campaign caught the mood of many in Unite who wanted to resist the attacks workers face.

He will be campaigning for the union to change its close relationship with New Labour – it has given the party £15 million in the pa…

The Ecological Revolution

The Ecological Revolution
John Bellamy Foster, Monthly Review Press, 2009

This is one of the best books I have read on climate change and the worsening environmental crisis. John Bellamy Foster is a professor of sociology, but don’t let that put you off – he writes with clarity and great flair. This book, like his others, is a product of very detailed scholarship. It puts the case that unless we have ecological revolution based on fundamental change, environmental problems will lead to catastrophe. He argues that environmental problems have social causes, that ever-increasing economic growth is unsustainable on our planet and that the ultimate cause of climate change is capitalism.

More here


ethnic cleansing it is on its way, scary how the main three political parties are camping up the migration scare, the Northern League in Italy have started expelling migrants, with climate change leading to more movement of people and elites needing some one to blame, this is going to get a lot worse. So pleased to have been sent this, the plan is of course to turn lecturers into cops. Racism it disgusts me, but we are going to be seeing more of it as a way of deflecting attention.


Open public meeting, organised in collaboration with Goldsmiths Student's

Union The Stretch (Student's Union), 5PM, Wednesday 2 December

The new 'points based' immigration rules represent a serious threat to campus democracy and freedom of speech. They require non-EU students and staff to have biometric ID cards, involve demands on the financial background of applicants and mean that staf…

PSUV congress report

Well I have sat and listened to Chavez for three hours, he is extremely entertaining and interesting, I have my differences (Iran) for a start.

Likewise changing Venezuela is difficult, lots of corruption, notice the mass media ignored fifty years of totally corrupt rule before Chavez.

Chavez is important, but the social change has to be from the grassroots.

Find it difficult to listen to most UK politicians for more than 50 seconds, dull.

This is a report I have just been sent.

Written by Alan Woods, from the Congress of the PSUV
Monday, 23 November 2009
At the opening session of the PSUV congress Chavez made a very radical left-wing speech, calling for the setting up of a new international, explaining that it was necessary to destroy the bourgeois state and replace it with a revolutionary state, but also referring to the bureaucracy within the Bolivarian movement itself. It was clearly a speech that reflects the enormous pressure…

The Revolution will be SOAS-ised!

Well if there is a revolution in Britain it will start at SOAS, thus the heat some people are taking, the meetings I have been too in SOAS.

just had this:

Next Saturday Climate Camp are organizing a day of workshops, debates and discussion about climate justice in SOAS university, London. This will include a debate on Just Transition with Harry Shutt (author of Beyond Profit Systems); Sian Moore (TUC Just Transition Project); and Bob Sutton (Workers' Climate Action), which may be of interest to the climate change trade union network.

For full details, please see below. Please circulate widely.

Climate Camp London and Zed books invite you to

Warm-up to Copenhagen at

The Great Global


a day of workshops, discussion and debate.

Climate change is one of the biggest issues of our age. Copenhagen is almost upon us. But the current political response is feeble.

When: Saturday 28 November, 11am—5.00pm

Where: S…

Birds marsh to be built over

Good to hear from Steve Hunt, I have known him since I guess we were both seven or eight, I have long departed the playfields of Chippenham.

Sad to hear that the local environment continues to be built over at great speed, Chippenham I suspect in the 1950s was a place of beauty.

Not since.

Sorry no map by the way but do look at the link,

Dear all,

For those of you who don't know, Birds' Marsh is the area north of Chippenham that I have been chattering on about this year. My book on Birds' Marsh is due to be published in March.

See attached map indicating the affect of 'preferred options' on Birds' Marsh and other areas such as the Hardens Mead area. The green line indicates the proposed road which would cut across the Birds' Marsh fields and hedgerows and clip the edge of Birds' Marsh Wood.

The letter has links for the 2026 plan which aims to build more than 5, 000 houses in the Chippenham area. It also gives details of the consultation process. Responses to t…

A Party to Win? Clare Solomon expulsion from SWP

SWP are loco in my view, control freakery, etc, etc, no wonder many people reject socialism, I know some very good SWP individuals but as an institution no thanks!

Monday, 23 November 2009
A Party to Win? Clare Solomon expulsion from SWP
Dear comrades, friends & fellow travellers,

Two months ago myself and James M were suspended from the SWP. James has had his suspension lifted and is able to participate in party debates at conference although is not able to sell the paper, attend branch meetings, central London, Soas or otherwise. It is a great shame that the party has enforced restricted membership on such a dedicated revolutionary.

On Saturday, however, I was expelled. I was expelled for 1) putting on an event called Mutiny which they claim was autonomist 2) for sending 6 friends a private email and 3) I was accused of 'lying', ie for not accepting that this was a factional email or event.

I have been a member for four turbulent years. My sister and I joined the SWP at Mar…

Irish mercenaries out of Bolivia

Had a useful meeting with Christian last monday, I hope the Greens in the Dail take action on this . The greens in Bolivia by which I mean the indigenous are doing serious work to protect the environment and of course if you are doing good work you face repression (if you are doing not very good work the clue is being given a well paid job by Fianna Fail!)

This is a quick cut and paste from my good amigo Liam's blog, do take a regular look

Integrated Risk Management Services is a company managed by former members of the Irish Army’s counter terrorist and special forces. One of its employees got himself killed by Bolivian police who claimed that he was involved in a plot to murder Evo Morales. This is the text of a letter handed intto the Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs on Friday by Cristian Dominguez, the Secretary of Natural Resources for the peasant organisation, CSUTCB and Cristian Dominguez and Jose Sagarnaga of the Bolivia Solidarity Campaign.

Minister for Foreign Affairs

Jerry Hicks will run!

Just got the brilliant news that Jerry Hicks will run for General Secretary of Unite.

I had a meeting with Jerry a couple of weeks ago and urged him to stand, I think lots of other people have urged as well and he has taken up the call.

He is a great guy, he has really pushed the Green New Deal and green trade unionism, when he fought last year for the General Secretary post, where he beat the right to come second in a contest with Derek Simpson, he stressed his opposition to nuclear power and Heathrow expansion.

With cuts on the way and a possible tory government we need some grassroots trade union fighters and Jerry is the best.

I will be doing all I can to support his campaign, this time victory is in reach.

Dear Friends,

After careful consideration and taking into account all the excellent offers of support from every section within Unite I have decided that it would be the right decision to stand again in the election for General Secretary.
Although there is no date yet for the election…

Population bomb billionaires to add contraceptives to water supply?

I have never really believed in conspiracy theories but a new book on population control reveals that George Soros, Bill Gates
and other billionaires have been getting together to find ways of stopping the rest of us breeding.

I have three children so will I find Bill Gates on my door step offering me contraceptive advice.

Who knows? Review here

Fatal Misconception: The struggle to control world population
By Matthew Connelly, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, 2008. 521 pages.
Review by Simon Butler
November 16, 2009 -- A select group of billionaires met in semi-secrecy in May 2009 to find answers to a “nightmarish” concern. Their worst nightmare wasn’t the imminent danger of runaway climate change, the burgeoning levels of hunger worldwide or the spread of weapons of mass destruction.
The nightmare was other people – lots of other people.
The self-styled “Good Group” included Microsoft founder Bill Gates, media mogul Ted Turner, David Rockefeller Jr and financiers George Soros and Warren…

URGENT ACTION: Paramilitary Death Threat against Aida Quilcué and Social Organisations

URGENT ACTION: Paramilitary Death Threat against Aida Quilcué and Social Organisations

Paramilitaries threaten social organisations in southwest Colombia again.

Aida Quilcué amongst those declared as military objective by paramilitaries

Paramilitaries have again threatened social organisations across the southwest region of Colombia, as paramilitary violence and threats continue to intensify in the Andean country. Indigenous leader Aida Quilcué was amongst those threatened, a month after she returned from a trip to the UK at the invite of Unison Northern and the Northern TUC, in conjunction with the Colombia Solidarity Campaign.

The threat is signed by the ‘Grupo Armado Los Ratrojos – Comandos Urbanos’, a new generation paramilitary militia based in Nariño department, and dated November 2009. It names Aida and several other social organisations and individuals which operate in the South West region of Colombia.

Aida is ex-leader of the Cauca Regional Indigenous Council (CRIC), spokesperson…

Mean and Green?

Mean and green: the eco campaign against everyday life
Wed 18 Nov, 2009
David Attenborough has joined the ranks of the bossy greens who want to save the planet – from humanity. Jason Walsh asks if the environmental movement is winning the battle but losing the war by making ever more extreme demands

Television naturalist David Attenborough recently signed-up to front a political cause. He’s not planning on replacing Declan Ganley, though. Instead, by becoming patron of the Optimum Population Trust (OPT), Attenborough has put his sights squarely on the seething mass of humanity. The OPT opposes immigration, seeking a one-in, one-out policy it calls “balanced migration” and says “there is no unlimited right to have children.”

Attenborough is a popular figure, and rightly so: he educated and entertained us as children, sparking a sense of wonder at the natural world. He is not merely a television presenter, he is more like our collective uncle. Why, then, has he thrown his weight behind such…

Brighton Tories admit Caroline Lucas is headed for a win

The Tories selected a new Brighton Pavilon candidate by an open primary, just noticed this comment from one of their members

“I thought the whole process was a bit long winded, they could have narrowed it down to less candidates and a shorter time each. It was extremely difficult to choose. Everyone around me said they didn’t know who to vote for. I think Charlotte Vere has got a very tough fight on her hands with the Greens now.”

Elections are won by activity, I am hard pressed finishing a book but I am going to spare some hours next saturday to get the train to Brighton and do some election work for Caroline.

Eco centre, saturday 28th 10pm to 11pm to get some leaflets.

The Eco centre is right outside Brighton Train Station. come and join me.

Colonies Still?

Colonies Still?
[col. writ. 11/13/09] (c) '09 Mumia Abu-Jamal

One of the greatest theorists, analysts and critics of colonialism was the late Martinican psychiatrist Frantz Fanon, but Dr. Fanon's work dwelled on the crises of colonialism in Africa.

We like to think that colonialism was a problem of yesteryear -- the '60's, '70's and early '80's. It's history -- right?

Well, what really matters isn't what we think, but what others in those countries think. We should also note that things change; sometimes in form but not in essence.

Earlier this year, a group of Pakistani intellectuals, activists, lawyers and political leaders produced a brief but collective report detailing the problems facing the nation. The 12-=page report, entitled Making Pakistan a Tenable State, lists 185 points of concern. Among them is the following, pt. 14 which states:

Today, Pakistan finds itself fully trapped in the whirl of liberalizati…

Green New Deal petition

The Number 10 petition for A Million Climate Jobs is now up and running.

Please sign the petition, which is at the web address shown below, and forward to all lists.


At some point gradual climate change is going to turn into runaway catastrophe. We may well hit that point in the next twenty years. To avoid doing so, we need drastic cuts in the amount of carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases we put into the air. This will mean government regulation and international agreements. It will also take a lot of work – jobs. We have to produce wind, wave, tide and solar power. We have to renovate and insulate our homes and buildings. And we have to provide a network of cheap buses and trains. There are two and a half million unemployed people in Britain. By next year there are likely to be three million or more. It is possible that the economy will have started to 'recover' during 2010. But unemployment will grow for a time even…


Vease VERSION ESPAÑOL abajo, who do I blame, well Rory Carroll et al, if human rights are being abused in Latin America the British media will be the last to tell you about it!




The below signed organisations denounce the grave situation that now confronts indigenous communities in the East and North of Cauca department.

In only two weeks three indigenous communities members have been murdered, and another is currently in grave condition in intensive care in a hospital in Cali. It is important to note the high level of militarization of the territories mentioned, which was further increased in the past two weeks.

As we denounced on 22nd October 2009, a threat arrived to the offices of CUT Valle and Nomadesc organisations, in Cali. Five…