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ANZ Bank Withdrawal from Tasmanian Pulp Mill Disaster

Thanks to Glen...nice to see some eco action in action.....

Ecological Internet Welcomes ANZ Bank Withdrawal from
Tasmanian Pulp Mill Disaster

May 31, 2008
By Ecological Internet,

Ecological Internet (EI) welcomes news that ANZ Bank of
Australia will not fund the Gunns Tasmanian pulp mill. In a
statement ANZ announced it will not provide finance for the
AU$ 2 billion project to pulp ancient forests for throw-away
paper products, but did not provide a reason for withdrawing.
International environmental protest spearheaded by Ecological
Internet, in support of local protests, certainly played a
major role.

ANZ Bank, and the Australian and Tasmanian governments, have
been targets of environmental protest in country and from
Ecological Internet and other overseas groups for years. Most
recently, in early April, nearly 3,000 EI Earth Action Network
participants from 87 countries sent a quarter of a million


In a CubaSí exclusive, Derek Wall, principal spokesperson for the Green Party, argues that to achieve a green planet, we all need to learn from Cuba

We all know about climate change, forest destruction and other ecological threats but in Latin America environmental concern is treated more seriously than perhaps in any other part of the world.

In 2006 I visit Venezuela with my partner Sarah, we were there to see our friend Cesar Aponte who works in the Ministry of the Environment. Although Venezuela is an oil economy and Caracas is a sprawling polluted city, Chavez's government are working hard to promote ecodevelopment. We visited an ecological high school where kids were taught organic agriculture and saw the huge permaculture city farm in Caracas next to the Hilton Hotel.

Venezuela's own energy needs are nearly all from renewables and there is a plan to stop using petrol for cars, new railways have been built and organic agriculture is a big priority. Visiting London Hugo Chave…


Thanks to James Caspell for this....

Speakers include:
Mark Serwotka – General Secretary, PCS
Alan Walter – Secretary, Defend Council Housing
Heenal Rajani – Lambeth UNISON
Barbara Glosby – Lambeth Pensioners Association
Jean Kerrigan – Former Chair of Lambeth Tenants Council

6.30pm to 8.30pm
Wednesday 11th June
Lambeth Town Hall, Brixton

Not content with transferring management of its council housing to an ALMO despite residents voting against it, Lambeth Council is proposing to give massive private companies ten-year contracts worth over £1.2 billion to run housing services.

They call this "Partnering" – really it is a licence for contractors to line their pockets and decimate the services tenants and leaseholders receive. Hundreds of Lambeth staff could be transferred to private sector firms and services provided away from local, democratic control.

What's more, Lambeth Council are not even intending to give tenants and leaseholders a vote on whether they want this privatisation …

My candidate wins the nomination for the Presidency

A black candidate wins the Presidential nomination....a women wins the candidate wins.

Yes former congresswomen for Georgia Cynthia McKinney has picked up more than 50% of the Green Party delegates in primaries across the USA so far.

She may not win but politics is about creating a new common sense it is a battle for ideas, Cynthia is 100% anti-war, she wants to withdraw US troops from Iraq, to close all US foreign bases, she wants to keep the 'oil in the soil', she supports real action on climate change and has a long record of fighting for justice and the environment.

Last year she visited Britain, I chaired her meeting at the Brixton Green fair and I urged her to run 'Go Cynthia, go Cynthia' we chanted, she left the Democrats and sought the Green Party nomination.

The US is a corporate dictatorship, voters have no real say...the military-industrial complex, the oligarchy pick the candidates and the Mad Men sell sell...Cynthia can puts some cracks in the…

Bolivia under assault from the oligarchy

Please find below a shortened version of the Bolivia Information Forum (BIF) News Briefing covering recent events in Sucre among other developments. The full version can be read on the BIF website at:

Best wishes

The Bolivia Information Forum


BIF News Briefing

May 2008

1. Violence and humiliation in Sucre and elsewhere

2. Recall Referendum

3. International Summit

1. Violence and humiliation in Sucre and elsewhere

Scenes of shameful violence took place in Sucre this week as tensions rose before a planned presidential visit, to coincide with the town’s civic anniversary. On 24 May a number of indigenous peasants from communities around the city came to the centre of Sucre to receive new municipal vehicles, which were to be handed over by the President in a ceremony in the stadium. Instead, the police and military personnel providing security for the event were overpowered by…

Derek Wall welcomes UCU motion on Palestine

As both a member of the UCU and Green Party Speaker, I am very pleased UCU voted for the following motion.

The lie that it was purely supported by the SWP is wrong...Green Party members in the UCU also support it, incidentally while the SWP get a lot wrong, credit for supporting this..

Like the Green Party motion on boycott of Israel, it was passed I believe by more than 2/3rds


25 Composite: Palestine and the occupation University of Brighton – Eastbourne, University of Brighton – Grand Parade, University of East London Docklands, National Executive Committee

Congress notes the

1. continuation of illegal settlement, killing of civilians and the impossibility of civil life, including education;

2. humanitarian catastrophe imposed on Gaza by Israel and the EU;

3. apparent complicity of most of the Israeli academy;

4. legal attempts to prevent UCU debating boycott of Israeli academic institutions; and legal advice that such debates are lawful

Congress affirms that

5. …

We can stop the third runway ! We will stop the third runway !

Campaign against Climate Change


Saturday MAY 31st

Say NO to Heathrow’s 3rd Runway

Say NO to Runaway Airport Expansion

Say YES to saving millions from climate catastrophe

Join a Spring Carnival of Resistance to Airport Expansion

Find out about the Carnival/demo here :

Also more info here :

Organised by Campaign against Climate Change, HACAN, NOTRAG , the 2M group, Greenpeace and EnoughsEnough

Supported by: Airport Watch, Campaign for Better Transport, Friends of the Earth, People & Planet, Plane Stupid, Practical Action, Sustrans, Womens Environmental Network, World Development Movement, WWF and Brent, Camden, Ealing, Hammersmith and Fulham, Harrow, Hillingdon, Islington, Kensington and Chelsea, Lewisham, Merton. Richmond, South Bucks, Sutton and Wandsworth councils.

Assemble at Hatton Cross Underground Station …

Jobcentre Plus denies jobseekers informed service user choice

Hi, Derek

I note that the one 'comment' so far arising from my 'voice risk analysis' piece is actually spam :-/

Still, as you were keen to have more contributions from me, here is something else. (I regard this piece as revelatory material that can resource something else, rather than a complete article in itself.)

Jobcentre Plus denies jobseekers informed service user choice

"In 1987 John O'Brien, an American who works for better lives for people with learning difficulties, identified five important things to look for when judging whether a service provision was of a good standard." ( page 4 [Accessed 28 May 2008].) I believe 'John O'Brien's Five Accomplishments' help provide a framework of best practice for services addressed to the requirements of disabled people in general, and will focus here -- with the aid of Accomplishment #1 -- on how some of Jobcentre Plus 'standar…

Green Party Speaker condemns radioactive Brown

'Gordon Brown looks likely not to be remembered for economic prudence as chancellor or for policy innovation as prime minister. With economic crisis and plunging poll ratings Brown is in deep trouble. As Chancellor he failed to learn the lesson of earlier oil price shocks, the failure of New Labour to invest in renewable energy, public transport, now means that Britain's problems are accelerating economically.

The nuclear solution is uneconomic, unsafe and environmentally catastrophic. Who will pay the £bns of clean up costs? Existing nuclear power stations mean a bill of £70bn, there is no effective let alone economic solution to the waste problem.

On tuesday it was revealed that decommissioning existing nuclear power station now costs £73 bn:
Campaign groups have warned that the cost of decommissioning nuclear power stations was "spiralling out of control" after an official admission that an estimate of £73 billion was set to rise.

The £73 billion figure, published…

Green Principal Speakers say shift tax burden on to fuel

This was from the Morning Star.

On the road to nowhere
(Tuesday 27 May 2008)

GREEN campaigners urged the government on Tuesday to reward responsible motorists by abolishing road tax and shifting the responsibility on to petrol-guzzlers through fuel duty.

They spoke out as road lobbyists and lorry drivers staged a slow-moving protest through London and Cardiff against rising fuel prices and the proposed green taxes on motorists, which spell rising fuel duties as well as higher annual road tax charges of up to £200.

Peter Carroll, one of the hauliers behind the protest, said: "The government takes about 60 per cent of the cost of fuel in tax.

"Buses get nearly all this back in rebates and we want the government to introduce an essential user rebate to help hauliers and save them from going out of business."

However, green campaigners and left politicians distanced themselves from the protesting hauliers' demand for fuel tax refunds for road transport bus…

Green Left AGM - forward to ecosocialismo

Green Left AGM saw about 30 of us discuss positively lots of mobilisation is for the Heathrow demo on saturday.

AGM minutes 24 May 2008

1.Observers; The meeting agreed to the presence of observers provided that they declared their political allegiances and withdrew for certain items if requested. Observers from Socialist Resistance and the Association of Socialist Greens (Alliance for Green Socialism?) were present.

2.Minutes of last AGM were not available


a)£240 in bank account (now fully operative).

b) £100 owed by M.Sellwood.

c) £50 paid to P.Murry reimbursement for room hire for AGM.

d) From October 1 2008 membership would be on a £5 pa subscription basis and some subscriptions and donations had been received.

e) A vote of thanks to the Treasurer was passed
4. Reports from Committee:

a) Co convenor (P.Murry) reported that he had been mainly occupied with setting up website and blog and database to assist with new membership arrangements Plans for a Birmingham meeting …

The Argonomist?

I have heard doubts about Aristide....heard him speak in Liverpool in 1992...500 years of resistance to the oligarchy event...however his removal was at the behest of the oligarchy...down with the oligarchy...this from Socialist Voice

MAY 26, 2008
Web Edition:

Haiti and the Politics of Containment

Peter Hallward. Damming the Flood: Haiti, Aristide and the Politics of Containment Verso Press. 2008

Reviewed by Roger Annis

In April, mass protests against hunger and rising food prices erupted in Haiti and led to the fall of the government. On April 18, Prime Minister Jacques Edouard Alexis resigned following a vote of non-confidence in Haiti's senate. The vote was orchestrated by some of Haiti's wealthy elite, seeking to bring the government of President René Préval more directly under their control.

The story of hunger in Haiti goes far beyond recent hikes in world food prices. The country's crushing poverty — it is the poorest country in the Americas — is the…

Carbon Credits are not enough.

Mps have decided that personal carbon credits are the best way of fighting climate change. The idea, which is Green Party policy, is that each of us would hold a kind of carbon credit card. This would record how much CO2 we use. Once we had reached a limit, like a real credit card we would have to pay to get more credit. It is seen as simple, fair and easy to use. Under ‘Contraction and Convergence’ Aubrey Mayer’s scheme, the amount of carbon we are allowed could be reduced, with richer countries converging over time with less developed.

Many Greens love the scheme, we Greens who use less carbon could sell credits to more wasteful folk. Those who are more environmentally friendly would gain cash and the wasteful would be fiscally whipped, so to speak.

On its own, I think sadly the carbon credits would not work. One of my big worries is structure. Unless there is a huge investment in low carbon alternatives, it would be difficult for most people especially the poorest to cut thei…

The SS in Wootten Bassett

Pasting this from Andy Newman of Socialist Unity ...what if the Nazi's had invaded Britain, inevitably there would have been collaboration...the right wing Vichy regime took over half of France and worked with the Nazis...I guess it would have been the same here. Kevin Brownlow who made the film also put together Winstanley about the Diggers at St Georges Hill, the anarchist-socialist-green commune in the 17th century with a part played by Sid Rawle.

Filed under: Swindon, movies, anti-fascist — Andy Newman @ 12:57 am Edit This

Last Monday at our socialist film club in Swindon we showed “It Happened Here”, the controversial 1960s feature by Kevin Brownlow of what Britain would have been like under Nazi occupation.

The premise of the film is that Britain was conquered in 1940, and the film is set in 1944 when military resistance to the occupation has began to resurface. What makes the film so remarkable is that it is centred around the experience of collaborators, in th…

Voice Risk Analysis targets claimants

Had this from Alan Wheatley who does a great job in difficult circumstances as
Disability Spokesperson for London Green Party...I guess other Party speakers on disability or ministers or shadow ministers do not have his experience.

Hi, Derek

Gary Vaux, Head of Money Advice for Hertfordshire County Council, has a commendable piece as ever in this week's Community Care magazine.

Government Anti-Fraud Minister James Plaskitt has hailed VRA [Voice Risk Analysis] software as "cutting edge technology" that can curb benefit fraud. Vaux points out that it is by no means foolproof and largely untested. Moreover, there are serious disability equality issues involved, especially where the claimant has mental health problems, learning difficulties, or communication problems. A Scope spokesperson is quoted as highlighting the need for a disability impact assessment on…

Mumia Abu-Jamal celebrates Bob

Well we know the British parliament for £1.80 a pint bitter, expenses for garden furniture and a general attitude of 'fuck the politics where is my lunch'.

To Mumia Abu-Jamal the mother of democracy looks a bit better from the other side of the he is praising Bob Marshall-Andrews work on an inquiry into the Gulf War....obviously the minority of radical MPS who do work for social change demand our sympathy...Adam Price and the long suffering John McDonnell come to mind...hope to have a few Green MPs in Westminster soon to get involved. But lets face it, Westminister is usually the last place where politics happens...but then again as Mumia reminds us, it looks like the Paris commune compared to the supine US congress.

Bob's campaign work against the Kingsnorth power station is great and he lives in a famous eco-house...right that's enough being nice to members of the Labour Party for this year...on to Mumia....very nice example of Mumia's brilliant po…

Stop biofuel plant in Beckton

Castro phones in latest another green world piece

Well Comrade Castro is the daddy when it comes to biofuel...he has retired as Head of State and seems to occupy himself as a journalist sending in choice cuts for another green world along with comrade Abu-Jamal (he will be blogging on Bob Marshall-Andrews later!)...virtually before any one he condemned biofoolery....

Green just grow it, it had me fooled and yes if you are filling up on chip fat, well great.

However like everything it is corrupted by capitalism...the infamous 'green' biofuel boat which I attempted to sink (albeit rhetorically...rather than Captain Paul Watson style) was sponsored by big biofuel companies.

Land which could be used for food is used for SUVs and already people are starving...palm oil production means people are kicked off of their land and forests destroyed.

Instead of public transport, work from home, walking, is as always about preserving the conventional economy based o…

Arab Green Parties to meet in Lebanon

had this from Arab Green Parties which is very encouraging...btw I have blogged on Islam and ecology, as you know I have some good friends and comrades who are Sufi strain Muslims (I would certainly like to say a thank you to Zee..if you are reading this thanks Zee).

Of course many Palestians are Christians and guess a fair number would have no religious identification...the great Ralph Nader is of course an Arab-American Green..any way enough of my witterings on to the Arab Green Parties

Tunis 14th May 2008
Peace in Palestine and Irak

Sixty years have passed since the terrorist groups of Haganah, Irgoun and Stern occupied Palestine. The leaders of these organizations and groups were on the lists of known terrorists sought by Great Britain. Other terrorist leaders committed massacres against the Palestinian people at Kafer Kassem and Deir Yassine … forcing inhabitants to leave their homes and lands … Since then, this Arab people has endured sixty years of exile, wars and massacres !!
This summer the Camp for Climate Action will pitch its tents outside Kingsnorth coal-fired power station in Kent for a week of education, sustainable living and direct action. Everyone is invited to the camp, which is now part of an international movement, with eight climate camps on four continents planned for this summer. Together, we will show that the blind pursuit of economic growth at any cost is simply insane, and is to blame for the CO² emissions and ecosystem destruction that are causing catastrophic climate change.

Well you could put a rizla paper between my kind of green politics and the politics of the climate camp but it would be a remarkably thin one.

EON's KINGSNORTH power station in Kent will be the site of this summer's Camp for Climate Action, running from 4 th to 11th of August 2008.

The protest will begin with a one-day event at Heathrow, the site of the previous year's camp, before marching across London to Kingsnorth. This is one of eight climate camps t…

Global Greens defend indigenous people and forests

Well you can sometimes place a rizla paper or may be an entire packet of skins between the position of the Green Party of England and Wales and the global green parties...however some useful stuff here on the climate crisis, glad to see the lucha indigena flagged up for a start:

Global Greens Sao Paulo Declaration on Biodiversity and the Climate Crisis
As adopted 4 May 2008

Ecological wisdom is a fundamental principle of the Global Greens Charter and protecting biodiversity, the variety of life on earth, is a central Green priority.

Biodiverse ecosystems, particularly forests, have a crucial role to play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating impacts, yet they are almost absent from the climate debate. This is exacerbating the global biodiversity crisis. Natural ecosystems are suffering directly from the impacts of climate change but also from the perverse impacts of measures which are supposed to tackle climate change, for example clearing natural vegetation to plant agr…