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Twenty three year old British Saving Iceland activist Miriam Rose has
been arrested by the Icelandic police. She was protesting against the
Icelandic government's support for heavy industry, in particular Rio
Tinto Alcan's Straumsvik smelter in South-West Iceland. Reports
suggest she is still being held by the police. (1)

Dr. Derek Wall, Green Party Principal Speaker, said: "Although Rio
Tinto have been making the headlines for their recent purchase of the
Canadian aluminium group Alcan for 38.1bn dollars (18.7bn pounds), it
is the environmental degradation and damage that goes hand in hand
with most of their projects that should be drawing the spotlight.

"Iceland is the largest remaining wilderness in Europe. Acitivists
such as Mirian Rose, most of whom belong to the Saving Iceland
campaign group, are protesting againsts plans to turn it into the
heavy industry capital of Europe - with companies …

Greens vandalise fuel-greedy 4x4 cars

What if that Hummer H2 SUT Crew Cab had been a church, synagogue or mosque? Headline: "Congregation Gets Angry Message: Vandals Break Windows, Slash Pews and Carve In an Anti-Religious Note." That would have been sufficient? That would have been fair?

SUV attacks have been occurring in Washington,DC and the local journalists are getting angry, read more here.

CBS news takes up the story here

(CBS/AP) When Gareth Groves brought home his new Hummer SUV, he knew his eco-friendly neighbors disapproved. But he didn't expect this.

His Hummer only lasted five days. On Monday, two masked men were seen taking a bat to every window, knifing each tire and scratching a message into the body — "For The Environ."

Now the attacks have spread to Berlin, this is from the centre right (but quite readable) British newspaper the Daily Telegraph, you can read more here.

This kind of direct action which targets property but is non violent to people has long been pioneered by the Earth Li…

Live with Johnny Ball climate skeptic.

I am momentarily distracted by Johnny Ball appearing on the television screen overlooking my own. He seems to be shouting at someone in a news programme debate. If anyone has the faintest idea what's happening there, please do email me -

Even this would be more convincing than the theory of Johnny Ball, who for some reason has become one of their media spokemen, and who cornered me for half an hour, during which time he said with great conviction: "Do you know what causes more global warming than anything else? The methane from spiders."

This was a rather bizarre event. I mean what a discussion next of monetary policy with John Noakes or ID cards with Lesley Judd, I was brought up on a diet of BBC childrens tv in the 1970s! I think Sky News set it up so we could have an entertaining on screen row, I am not sure at the end of the day this is a good way of dealing with science, fun as it was for Johnny, myself and the viewers watching at 11.20 a…

Surviving in a Sea of Capitalism

"This process [the Bolivarian Revolution] has helped us, now there is
Barrio Adentro and free diagnostic centers and we pay nothing, employment
is increasing and everyone is studying, if you're not studying it's
because you don't want to, not for lack of opportunity."

"President Chavez has helped us 100%, previously we were just exploited,
now we are included - the president [of Inveval - Jorge Paredes] is
meeting in Miraflores today," he concluded.

Had this from Hands Off Venezuela, who had it from Venezuela analysis.

Socialism is hard work in the country but there is a desire to get beyond capitalism and to avoid crappy centralised central planning or bureaucratic nationalisation.

Hayek talks of the creativity of markets made up of individuals, socialists talk of the creativity of those who create ....all of us!

Nice to see honesty about the fuck ups and problems and the admission of the difficult of living on an island in a sea of sharks.

In the UK we pretty mu…

Vegan porn spam invades 'another green world'

This site (yeah that vegan shit seems to pop up quite a bit, veganism is a good way of respecting ecology, see this article from the climate camp but it used to be a bit dour, vegan porn sites seem to be all the rage, is it as much fun as the photos suggest.

You will have to decide for your selves.

The article argues that vegan is good for fighting climate change:

The billions of chickens, turkeys, pigs, and cows who are crammed into factory farms each year across the globe produce enormous amounts of methane, both during digestion and from the acres of cesspools filled with feces that they excrete. Scientists report that every pound of methane is more than 20 times as effective as carbon dioxide is at trapping heat in our atmosphere. Unlike carbon dioxide which can remain in the air for more than a century, methane cycles out of the atmosphere in just eight years, so that lower methane emissions quickly translate lead to the cooling of the earth.

I guess that alternatives …

Nazi murder of Russian green activist

Controversy and Death follow Neo-Nazi Murder at Environmental Camp in


Media contact in Siberia: +79 246212465

RUSSIA – Police and state officials have repeatedly denied that
organized neo-Nazi structures are behind the attack last week on a
environmental protest camp in Siberia leaving several heavily injured
victims and one dead.

In the morning of the 21st of July approximately 15-20 young men in
camouflage clothing with short-cut hair and white arm bands attacked the
protest camp and beat up the 20 campers with iron bars and other
weapons, as the organizers of the camp published later that day. Ilya
Borodaenko, aged 21, from Nachodka died from craniocerebral trauma in a
hospital after suffering a head-fracture during the attack. Of the nine
other campers who were seriously injured, at least one had both legs
broken and all together five were put in the hospital with serious
conditions. Two still remain.

According to victims of the assault, po…

Ticket terror on the railways

South West Trains are fining heavily to increase revenue, could they not just sell tickets on the trains and install more machines?

This is the advice from Schnews....I do like Schnews, I reckon if as many people read Schnews as the Sun we would be well on the way to ecotopia.


Since the railways were privatised, ticket prices unsurprisingy went up, largely filling the pockets of investors instead of improving the service. Not content with clobbering the ticketless with a £10 fine, recently all networks upped the 'penalty' to a full twenny quid. South West Trains issued a memo to its 'revenue enforcement' officers saying that they must always presume someone traveling without a ticket is guilty and to sting them for a score regardless of the excuse. But what if you arrived at the station, your train's about to leave and there's a big queue for tickets?

The penalty fares rules state that if there were "no facilities available to issue the appropri…

illegal ALCOA smelter in Reydarfjordur

In March this year the Left-Green party in Iceland called for an
independent investigation into the conduct of the Icelandic police
against Saving Iceland protesters in the the years of 2005 and 2006. At
the same time the Left-Green party also expressed serious concern about
the conduct of the police in the coming summer of 2007. Clearly not
without reason.

In Iceland there is huge opposition to the ALCOA aluminium plant but this US based project is being shoved through by the ruling Party.

Please read this report I have just been mailed and get involved.

Saving Iceland
27 July

The Icelandic government and ALCOA are piling up political prisoners
with their repression of protest against the heavy industry policy.

A twenty three year old British Saving Iceland activist who was arrested
today on the action against Rio Tinto-Alcan, has been imprisoned for
eight days.

Apparently the activist was told by the Icelandic police that she was to
pay a 100.000 kronur (£840) fine for her involvement in protests…

Am I banned from Heathrow too?

Bryan Sobey, 78, president of the Harmondsworth and Sipson Residents'
Association, said: "It's a bit like ethnic cleansing without the guns.
It will take an entire village and part of another village out of
existence completely."

Shockingly I haven't been banned from will have seen an injunction has gone out against members of several organisations in case they go on the climate campaign camp august 14th-21st.

I have been banned from every Tescos...this was for direct action during the campaign in the early 1990s against the building of golden hill store on greenspace in Henleaze Bristol.

Oh I have been banned! I am member of the National Trust (for non Uk readers, this is not a fascist group but an organisation that protects ancient buildings and the countryside set in the 19th century)....oh well.

Jenny Jones has been doing a bit of useful Green Party solidarity and liason.

27 July 2007 00…

Derek Wall supports free software

Derek Wall, principal male speaker for the GPEW, would agree -- although not all Greens, he stresses, would necessarily share his emphasis. "For me personally, [FOSS is] about a green economy based on the principles of using resources creatively," Wall says.

"It provides an alternative notion of property rights. It's a new version of commons, and for me commons are a way ... of increasing prosperity without wasteful growth in throw-away consumption."

Most importantly, for the GPEW, FOSS represents a new approach to basic activist issues. "FOSS," Wall says, "is a concept that cuts through the stale debates around state or private economic control of either the individual or the collective." FOSS, he adds, is an alternative to "the wrong kind of economics, based on growth in waste, short term profit, [and] endless commodification of nature."

As Chance explains, the sharing of code in FOSS makes the question of whether it is released by …

Green Political Thought

Just got the fourth edition of this book by Andrew Dobson. He is a Green Party member and an academic at Keele University, its a great statement of green political ideas, flags up many important and interesting debates.

His central argument is that green politics is an ideology like socialism or conservativism and distinguishes it from environmentalism.

I will try and find time to comment on it chapter by chapter over coming weeks.

I would highly recommend you read it, a lot of greens need to think more deeply about their politics.

I am alarmed that green politics to some is just a vague concern with the environment rather than something deeper, stronger, wider.

apocalypse jeans from Diesel

climate change Jeans

So George Marshall informs me climate change is being used to sell jeans and we know that with the melting ice caps Russia and Canada are exploring for oil in the Artic.


Lets build a stronger Green Party and green movement, time is becoming short.

Gordon Brown's great nuclear con trick

This is from Peter Tatchell

Gordon Brown says expanded nuclear power is essential to cut carbon
emissions and global warming. The Prime Minister is wrong. Roger
Higman, Campaigns Coordinator of Friends of the Earth, discusses with
Peter Tatchell the cheaper, greener and safer alternatives, such as
energy conservation, wind, wave, tidal, hydro, geo-thermal and solar

Click here to watch the programme:

Peter Tatchell writes:

The Prime Minister wants to build about 10 new nuclear stations, at a
construction cost of around £30 to £40 billion; plus tens of billions
more to decommission the reactors at the end of their working life and
to store their toxic radioactive waste for 20,000 years.

There are viable, practical alternatives. The government's Energy
Review in 2002 advised that the UK could cut its energy needs by
one-third through a comprehensive programme of energy conservation,
including double-glazing, loft insulation…

Camp for Climate Action

Well up late for the count, I have a very healthy tan from sitting outside the polling station in Sedgfield for most of yesterday. A useful exercise and great to work with Chris Haines, who is a strong candidate.

I am hoping to get up here in the North East again and build up the Green Party.

For the time being here is one I prepared earlier. Direct action is part of the process...

Direct action helped get women the vote. In the 1930s, the great Benny Rothman led a controversial trespass on Kinder Scout Moor in the Peak District to win rights for ramblers. He spoke on at least one Twyford Down rally in the 1990s to support Earth First fighting the roads programme. The protesters lost at Twyford but they stopped a much bigger roads programme.

I am proud that the Green party fights elections and wins them sometimes, but I am just as proud to say that our manifesto lays down support for non-violent direct action as an appropriate way of bringing about social change. I am a novice - with ju…

Vote Chris Haine, Green Party candidate to replace Blair as MP

Vote Chris Haine, Green Party candidate to replace Blair as MP

Got the train to Durham and then off to Newton Aycliffe, interview with the Northern Echo about getting the troops out of Iraq, fighting climate change and losing oil addiction.

Nice to meet a few green voters there...especially the nice guy with dreads and the mum whose daughter was GM campaigner.

Off to Sedgefield, the Dun Cow is site of the visit by Bush...'we couldn't walk down our own street cos of the security' said one local to me.

Bit of canvassing in the pub, then off door knocking...'we have only seen you and the Tories', 'canny with the postal votes around here' another told me.

A good bit of interest and a professional dynamic candidate, tomorrow its canvass, canvass, canvass.



Green Party Principal Speaker Dr. Derek Wall and Greens from across
the constituency will toda…

Children of Men

This film blew us out. ie me. my sons and Sarah Farrow

2027 and the human race is infertile. We are dying. But the street scenes and the politics taste real, just a few years on from 2007, id cards, islam in a cage, asylum seekers, decay.

A real bit of political education.

Equally it looks 100% great.

I think the secret is to watch this kind of stuff to keep strong, imaginative and to see through all the BS.

The music is worth hearing and Jarvis Cocker right at the end says it all about class politics.

They are still ruling the world!

Chertsey is Guatamala, Bexhill = El Salvador.

A strain of dirty English realism.

New Green, I don't think so

New Green, its a washing powder

New Green, its a career choice.

New Green, if its an archaeological monument on the path to power, blow it up.

New Green, its the same old shit but not as we know it Jim!

New Green, I don't think this brand is fit to drink. So get involved and sign the petition for a green party rather than a single leader>>>

Wee are on to the push to make the Green Party led, professional and all that stuff. You can fail by remaining on the margins but to really fail just do all the things the traditional parties do, gaining office, losing any real power and implementing ecocide in friendly acceptable way.

I suppose if you fail from the margins no one gets a salary or a pension.

Pogue Mahone as they say in the old country


this from Schnews.


Here's a report from a British roads campaign veteran at the Hill Of Tara protest in Ireland, protecting one of the most important archaeological sites in the world from a motorway (for background see SchNEWS 585, 593)

"We first arrived on Tara to dampened spirits due to rain and an exhausted but very determined Tara Vigil. These passionate and dedicated people have been getting up at 5am every morning and standing in front of the site gate and diggers till 7.30pm! In this way they have managed to hold off the destruction of Ireland's ancient heritage for 6 weeks, using non-violent direct action. Their numbers are few but they remain committed to the cause.

One recent discovery was an enormous wood henge (approx the size of three football pitches) near Rath Lugh - one of the most significant finds in Ireland this century. But the archaeology work going on is being rushed, because it is funded by the road company themselves. One of t…


Green Party in England & Wales



sign the petition to free him! sign here

Dr. Derek Wall, Green Party Principal Speaker, today condemned the
decision of an Israeli Court to send former nuclear technician
Mordechai Vanunu back to jail for six months for breaking the
conditions of his parole.

Vanunu was released in 2004 after an 18-year sentence for disclosing
Israeli nuclear secrets, but he faced curbs including speaking to
foreign media. However, he has given a series of interviews to the
international media in the last three years.

Dr. Wall said: "I am appalled by this decision.

"Mordechai Vanunu is a brave and resilient man who has already
suffered 18 years of confinement.

"The dangers posed by nuclear proliferation threaten the very
survival of our planet. The world needs more people like this, and we
must support them any way we can.

"A safe and secure Middle East cannot be built on a nuclear ar…
Dear All,

Invitation to you, your members, students, friends and colleagues to a
conference in central London on July 20 and 21 on new and more effective
strategy for achieving Corporate Accountability.

We can now announce that attendance will be free for individuals.

'Corporate Accountability, Limited Liability,& the Future of Globalisation',
SOAS, Russell Sq. July 20-21, Fri/Sat

Speakers include:
Angela Eagle MP (Exchequer Secretary, HM Treasury),
David Howarth MP,
Jack Blum, former US Senate investigator into corporate crime,
Dr Usha Ramanathan (International Environmental Law Research Centre, India)
Rodney Bickerstaffe (former Secretary General of UNISON),
Dr Dan Plesch, SOAS,
Dr Stephanie Blankenburg, SOAS and Economics Advisor to the Venezuelan
Prof.Grahame Thompson


Larry Elliott, the Economics Editor of the Guardian, praised the founding
paper for the conference in a recent article in the Guardian:,,2122025,00.htm…

Lots of lovely eco-Islam coming up.

Hi there friends and supporters,

Unfortunately due to the flooding around Lincolnshire, this
years LIVING ISLAM CAMP had to be cancelled. We hope that
the camp can be organised next year and IFEES will try to play an
important role in making it "Sustainable" and raise the importance
of environmental concern.

Find below a list of IFEES and other forthcoming events & notices;

********************* FORTHCOMING EVENTS IN BRIEF *******************




Currently we are team of just 3 volunteers but the scope of the work is
massive all over the world. We have some exciting projects such as
a "Sustainable Mosque", "Green Madina", proposal for a regular TV
show on a satelite TV channel, "Halal Organic Camp/ Retreat",
delivering courses and workshops to the Muslim community of
Islamic …

'Mars and Pluto are warming too'

More from the Grist Mill on how to argue with a climate skeptic.

Faced with the proposition that CO2 creates a layer in the atmosphere that traps heat, thus warming up the Earth, the deniers can't really say anything.

So instead they argue that climate change is occuring across the solar system, so it must be a product of increased solar activity from good old Sol 1 not CO2.

However there is no evidence that the rest of the solar system is warming.

Read more here

Please, just stop buying so much crap

Here is a guest editorial by Penny Kemp. Penny says 'Please, just stop buying
So much crap'

Danny will be performing at climate camp!

The poem below was written by Danny Chivers and appears in a book of poetry celebrating the 10th anniversay of Corporate Watch. I guess it sums up exactly how I feel about The Green Party and ‘guilt free shopping’ Danny and his friends at the climate camp and corporate watch are our natural constituency.


I’ve always been seen
As a little bit green
In my cosy, middle-c;ass social scene
Ever since I made that lelntil stew
For Abigail’s birthday do
Wore Birkenstock’s to Brina’s wedding
And got those rainforest patterns for the children’s bedding.
My friends all think it’s nonsense
But I’m proud to be their conscious;
Their commitment may be scanty
But my bottles of Chianti
Ride the back seat of the Mazda to the bottle bank at Asda.
And the second home in Rome has such amazing double glazing!

But that young fellow on Newsnight
Keeps talking ‘bout the planet’…

The glaciers are melting!

Directions to The Camp for Climate Action 2007.....

The camp dates are drawing nearer and nearer and we're all desperate to
know where it will be... but we''ll just have to wait a little longer !

But what we do know is that if is that if you get yourself to Staines
railway station in West London by 10am on Tuesday 14th July, you will be
greeted by our friendly welcome team and promptly transported via a
magical mystery tour, to the camp !

But the glaciers are not melting!

Click here to see if this is true, dramatic pictures.

I think that if greens look superficial and we just stick with a vague appeal for virtue then we face difficult times indeed.

Simply being for 'virtue' is not enough and in a consumerist society the danger is that even the environment becomes a means for the advancement of a few at the expense of the many.

So we need to be talking about science and ecology, as well as looking at the hard facts of society and of course look pretty hard at eco careerists, the power hungry, etc.

As I mentioned Grist Mill has a whole resource on arguing with climate deniers, the deniers are finding it more difficult to say climate change will not occur they are now moving on to, it doesn't matter, we can't do anything, the costs are too we are debating with a moving opponent(s).

The other day I came across the glaciers are not melting is the grist take, I am sure like all things this isn't perfect but it looks…