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protest against homophobic statements from Moscow mayor


Green Party Principal Speaker Derek Wall today hit out at the Mayor of Moscow's comments denouncing same-sex relationships and gay pride events as “satanic”, “unnatural”, “deviations”, “blasphemy” and “deadly moral poison” and called on a show of defiance at a protest against the Mayor planned today in London (Wednesday).

The Mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov recently announced that he was banning this year’s Moscow Gay Pride march (last year’s march was also banned and some marchers were beaten and arrested).

Dr. Wall blasted Mr Luzhkov: “I am shocked and utterly appalled by the Mayor of Moscow's homophobia. Human Rights for gays and lesbian's are under attack in Russia and we must defend them."

Wednesday’s protest in London is timed to coincide with the Moscow Mayor’s photo call and press conference at City Hall in London.

Nikolai Alekseev, Organiser of Moscow Ga…

Venezuela: Find out more about the revolution.

Being no fly I guess I am not going to be going to Caracas again for some time. Latin America is showing the way at find out more check out these two Venezuela Information Centre meetings.


Venezuelan Guest Speaker, Maxima Cumana MP, will update on the latest developments in Venezuela since the re-election of Hugo Chavez in December, and on the huge social gains made by women in Venezuela in recent years.

Come along!

LONDON: Monday 12 March, 7pm at the UNISON National Office, 1 Mabledon Place, London, WC1 (nearest tubes Euston, Kings Cross St Pancras.)

BIRMINGHAM: Tuesday March 13, at 7.30pm at the Carrs Lane Centre, Carrs Lane, Birmingham B4 (opposite Moor Street Station).

Both these meetings promise to be great opportunities to hear first-hand about the extensions in democracy and social progress taking place in Venezuela, including the social gains being made by women.

Please circulate details widely - for more information on eithe…

Reverend Billy calls for Northern Ireland Green Party vote

Envy, the Northern Ireland Greens (who are linked to Greens in Scotland, Ireland and the GPEW), put us to shame....I did an election visit for the last assembly elections, which involved some canvassing North Belfast protestant housing estates for the remarkable Peter Emerson and some work with Dr John Barry (slickest green politician on the planet).

here on you tube they have an election broadcast from the Rev Billy, this will confuse people....a Billy indeed a Reverend William campaigning for the Greens, some mixed symbols indeed.

A bit localist for my taste but the Reverend's campaign record is stunning!

More sexual ambiguity from the Dalai Lama

having sex with a professional prostitute at the time the precepts were formulated was acceptable and is therefore not sexual misconduct unless a third party pays for it. [...] "Such a redefinition can only come out of sangha discussions within the various Buddhist traditions. It is not unprecedented in the history of Buddhism to redefine issues, but it has to be done on the collective level", His Holiness said. He also added that it would be helpful to do more research on the genesis of these sexual precepts.

There is an interesting an account of a debate between his 'holiness' and lesbian and Gay activists but it still seems a bit problematic.

Obssessions with regulating sexuality should have little or no place in Buddhism in my view (unless we are talking abuse and dodgy power relations)...the view that prostitution is fine unless a third party pays for it is a new one to me.

It all tends to degenerate into orifices, emissions and precepts....not nice!

The Incredibles

I watched this with my kids. It struck me as fairly propagandist. The ideology of the nuclear family, the villain who at one point said he could make everyone superhereos so superhereos would no longer be different.

Its the Ayn Ran school for tots..he socialism will make us uniform and remove the best by making us all better.

Finally the villain is the mole with his giant industrial machinery poised to under mine society.

What next our bearded philosopher posionning the drinks of Mrs Elastica...

Did strike be that Disney is part of an Ideological State Apparatus, subtly forming childhood opinions in a particular direction.

I suppose I am too used to watching the simpsons which subverts capitalism and takes the piss of greens and everyone.

As I often say families should be more like the simpsons and less like the Waltons.


Went off to the anti-Trident anti-Iran invasion march today....I am a little sceptical, I think politics is about applying pressure or cultural change, I don't think marches cut it compared to fighting elections or direct action or ideas/culture stuff.

Nonetheless the march at least is something and a good opportunity for networking. My eldest Vince, enjoys them, especially if we work in a trip to a Chinese for some much needed calories at some point.

He had great fun climbing up statues and decorating them with anti-war Green Party placards and was encouraged, if anything, by being told not to by the police.

So marching is good but politics demands more and much more is needed to stop the drive to war, Iran could be the new Iraq if Bush is stupid enough and sadly he is stupid enough.

Tax strike anyone!

See you all against war and Trident tomorrow



THE Government must abandon plans to replace its Trident nuclear missiles
and immediately withdraw all UK troops from Iraq, Green Party MEP Caroline
Lucas will tell a central London rally tomorrow (Saturday, February 24th).

Speaking at the ‘No Trident/Troops out of Iraq’ rally, Dr Lucas will say:

“Replacing Trident would be illegal, immoral, counter-productive – and
utterly irrelevant to the real security threats we face today.

“It would cost the British taxpayer an estimated £76bn over the next few
decades – money that could be used to fund practical solutions to climate
change, the far greater security threat we face, as the recent UN
International Panel on Climate Change has again made clear.

“It will put the UK in direct breach of the UN’s Nuclear Non-Proliferation
Treaty, and would increase the global supply of nuclear materials by
launching a new nuclear arms race.”

Veteran peace campaigner…

Hard talk on line

if you want to see me under pressure you can watch at

Carbon offset is no solution

This is from Schnews....carbon neutral seems to be getting you all het up, either for or this will be of interest


SchNEWS uproots the carbon offsetting myth

Where there's a crisis there's a cash-cow, and while SchNEWS has looked before at the stupidities of industrial carbon trading (See SchNEWS 514), it's time to turn up the heat on those firms at the cashing in consumers fears about Climate Change. This week activists from London Rising Tide occupied the offices of the Carbon Neutral Company (CNC), at the forefront of the dubious practice of carbon offsetting. Rising Tide had been invited to take part in the load of hot air that is the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Climate Change (chaired by CNC) - but sensibly they chose to barricade themselves inside the CNC offices instead. They left voluntarily at 4.30pm without arrest, meanwhile others had carried out an action outside the company's offices in Kings Cross.

CNC's stock in trade is exp…

Rising Tide occupy Carbon neutral company

Today we have occupied – and with any luck shut down - the head office of the Carbon Neutral Company (CNC) here in King’s Cross. CNC is one of many businesses which sell ‘carbon offsets’ to people and companies that want to cancel out their contribution to climate chaos (also known as ‘global warming’). CNC claims that it will neutralise the carbon dioxide (CO2) given off by, say, Silverjet (a private jet airline), and that it will do this by paying people in developing countries to cut their own emissions with schemes that involve renewable energy or tree planting. So what’s the problem?



London Rising Tide has occupied the head office of the Carbon Neutral Company (formerly Future Forests) on the day they had been invited to appear before the All Party Parliamentary Committee on Climate Change, that is chaired by the Carbon Neutral Company.

This is wha…

Hard Talk, Derek TV moves up a notch or eight

well did Hard Talk today, must be the most difficult tv show possible I have seen others reduced to tears and they always give interviewees a very hard time.

I was taken in by an assistant, I said to her how 'hard' 'hard talk' was, she insisted no problem and they were quite gentle....but I recounted how I had seen them demolish a prominent member of parliament and she let her guard down!

Yes its 'hard', see how I got on...BBC news 24 tomorrow 4.30 pm and 11.30 pm!

In Huddersfield...soon!

Kirklees Green Party
19 February 2007 ( 0793 947 3269


Green Party Principal Speaker in Huddersfield this Wednesday

Dr Derek Wall, Male Principal Speaker for the Green Party will be in Huddersfield on Wednesday to talk to the public about the need for a green approach to building sustainable local communities. The talk is free and will be at the Huddersfield Sports Centre from 7.30pm on 21st February. Derek will be signing copies of his latest book, “Babylon and Beyond” .

Dr Wall, lecturer and author of 6 books on green politics and economics, will explain how stronger, more locally-based economic systems can be created here in Huddersfield and the rest of Kirklees. He says:

" The New Labour Government plans to close local post offices and hospitals; the Green Party believes that we must save local services and create vibrant local economies, where the goods and services people need are locally sourced.”

"Kirklees is leading the way with renewable ener…

Congestion charge extended

Mrs Weininger says: "If that dictator is shoving us onto public transport why is he not using it himself?"

But Mr Livingstone's spokesman later responded to this comment saying that the mayor does use public transport all the time. from the BBC.

There are problems with the congestion charge, I am thinking plumbers and others who need a vehicle, and of the soaring cost of public transport which is its self congested but I also think the lady protest too much.

National congestion charges for the whole of the UK will involve a big debate...however the mathematics of global warming suggest that the era of unlimited car use will have to end.

Even without the co2 problem and even peak oil, although I am betting on oil prices falling for a few years unless Bush attacks Iran, cars are problematic. The Economist a couple of weeks ago noted that 1,000 people still die every year in London because of air pollution, a fact that shocked and surprised me.

The House of Commons reported on…

Pro car forces mobilise

THANK YOU to those who took part in Saturday's protest organised by West London Residents Association and others against the extension of the Congestion Charge zone.
If you live in the London area, there is another chance to show the politicians what you think of road pricing etc by joining in a protest on foot down Walton Street in Chelsea which assembles at 10.00 AM on Monday (19th), the day that the charge comes in.

Congestion charge zone extends into Chelsea tomorrow and the oppressed Chelsea Tractor drivers are mobilising....counter demonstration anyone!

They have even set up a 'Car Party' to get more of us on the roads and to remove those pesky speed cameras...not much risk of speeding in Chelsea, its far too congested.

More on congestion charges soon!

Derek TV: Green Party challenges Labour

Well Peter Tatchell is a wonderful antidote to the usual cyncism he does so much and is the ultimate anti-career political activist.

Great to do this inteview with him.
On to Peter!

Hi Derek,

Many thanks for last night's interview.

Below is the link to watch it.The following news release will be sent by me to the Left media and to a fewGreen colleagues. You can circulate the attached version to whoever you like. Amend the blurbas you wish. Solidarity! PeterAre the Greens the new Left? Talking With Tatchell

As Labour slides to the right, the Green Party is shifting to the left. Are the Greens destined to displace Labour as the main left party of democracy,social justice, human rights, peace and environmental protection? Opinion polls reveal growing public support for the Green Party. Labour membership is down and the Labour vote is down. Many people who aredisillusioned with Blairism and Brownism are joining the Greens…

Pavement politics

I am taking part on monday night in the Refugee Council's sleepout for Asylum seekers, I think this what people want me to be doing as Green Party Principal Speaker and while I am not a great moralist...thinking of all the careerism in politics makes me want to do something that involves some moderate discomfort for my beliefs!

If you want to get involved in putting the case for treating asylum seekers fairly and fighting all the racist steorotyping click here

Jean Lambert our London MEP to her credit took part in a similar action a year or two ago.

Are we going to see Cameron out with us....I suspect not but go on David, show me that I am just a cynic!

Also I am on tv tomorrow...'talk with Tatchell' 8.30 on 18 doughty street.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is not the first person to use false pretences to try to find a better life in the West, nor will she be the last. But the muddy account given in this book of her so-called forced marriage becomes more troubling when one considers that Ms Hirsi Ali has built a career out of portraying herself as the lifelong victim of fanatical Muslims.

well its not all 'Dr Wall condenms restrictions on X', Dr Wall visits town to close down a Tescos, there is more going on here on another green world. Amongst the occassional series of series such as 'political corruption!', 'gay zen' and I also run 'things I agree with the Economist about' blog entriesd.

In this category must include their excellent, amusing and sharp review of 'Infidel', intolerant religion of all kinds need to be condemned, anti-gay and anti-women Islam, Protestanism or Buddhism or whatever. no thanks...however I agree with the Economist that Infidel is a problematic book.

Their …

CIA..Go away

I must admit the Green Party is not perfect, indeed political parties are imperfect instruments for change...all have cliques, clashes, gossip, friction of various kinds but while I try and remain sharply critical I am rather impressed by the out put from our 2 MEPs Jean and after day after they work hard on ecology through to human rights.

Well folks obviously there are lots of people doing good things but this from Jean seems a good example of what a radical parliamentarian (its almost an oxymoran) should be shouting about.

From The Office Of Jean Lambert, London's Green MEP

14th February 2007


UK Euro MP Jean Lambert has today welcomed the European Parliament’s
report following the investigation into the CIA extraordinary rendition
flights, and urged member states to continue with their own inquiries.

Jean, who sits on the European Parliament’s Temporary Committee Of

Israel to become a "consensual democracy for both Arabs and Jews"?

Dr Wall commented: "Israeli Arabs make up a fifth of Israel's population. Yet Arab parties hold only 10 seats in the 120-seat Parliament.

"Clearly, there is an urgent need for a change in the character and definition of the state, whether to become a "state for all its citizens," a binational state, or a consensual democracy.

"There are some 1.3 million Arab citizens of the country - just under 20% of the population. Around 80% are Muslims; the rest divide almost equally between Christians and Druze.

Today in a Green Party capacity I have been publicising calls for peace in Isreal/Palestine. More here.

Below I have posted a response from Tony Greenstein including an article he has noted from haaretz...can we achieve peace in Palestine/Israel, well its a very tall order but civil rights from all citizens in all areas is going to be necessary, whether one believes in one state, two states, functioning anarchy or whatever.

Debate on this is very welcome.

Any her…

rises like a closed fist

At first sight, environmentalists or conservationists are nice, slightly crazy guys whose main purpose in life is to prevent the disappearance of blue whales or pandas. The common people have more important things to think about, for instance how to get their daily bread. […] However, there are in Peru a very large number of people who are environmentalists […] they might reply, ‘ecologist your mother’, or words to that effect. […] Are not the town of Ilo and the surrounding villages which are being polluted by the Southern Peru Copper Corporation truly environmentalist? Is not the village of Tambo Grande in Pirura environmentalist when it rises like a closed fist and is ready to die in order to prevent strip-mining in its valley? Also, the people of the Mantaro Valley who saw their little sheep die, because of the smoke and waste from La Oroya smelter. (Hugo Blanco quoted in Guha and Martinez-Alier 1997: 24)

Ramachandra Guha and Juan Martinez-Alier, Varieties of Environmentalism.…

Art for Art's sake/politics for profit

Well very busy with work and politics but took some time out to go to the Tate Modern (with my long suffering beautiful partner Sarah Farrow 'a goddess I am not worthy of' ((she dictates most of these blogs...well all the bits about communism and drug taking), great fun because we saw Gilbert and George being interviewed for TV. Art is essential political stimulation (well this sounds narrow and instrumental..but thinking about a different way of being to save the planet and liberate us, needs a bit of art).

Impressed by 'United Enemies', from Thomas Schütte, (details here)some nasty waxy looking heads representing the corrupt politicians of the different political parties in Italy in the post war period. Socialist, Christian Democrats and Liberals were all on the take, party politics provided the rent, the pension and the rest.

Sadly politics is 99% about egos, personal advance and a bit of spare cash....Robert Michels called it the 'iron law of oligarchy...this i…

No to animal experiments

Jean Lambert MEP commented: “Europe's 'animal testing' legislation - Directive 86/609 – is desperately out of date. Animal Experimentation is cruel, unnecessary and whilst the public vote with their feet increasingly making a conscious decision to buy products and brands against testing on animals, clearly flies in the face of public opinion.

“We have previously called for a complete and permanent ban on the testing and sale of cosmetics and medicines tested on animals and will once again remind the EU Commission of this demand urging them to bring this, and other animal protection policies, into modern legislation.”

I was pleased to see this from Jean Lamber. Pharmaceutical companies replicate similar drugs and are driven not by care for humanity but cash. We need to be sceptical of how they develop and market drugs. More here from Jean
Reading about David Cameron's days of dope and disco at Eton college this weekend, I found myself wondering whether the Tory leader ever lit up a joint in the old bomb shelter at the bottom of my housemaster's garden where we used to smoke our spliffs. More from Eton here
that's enough dope smoking tories, Dr Wall...lets get on to more serious matters.

The ecology of Destruction

At the end of Pontecorvo’s film José Dolores is killed, but his revolutionary spirit lives on. The strategy of destroying nature to enslave humanity, we are led to believe, will not work forever. Today Latin America is reawakening to the revolutionary spirit of Bolivar and Che—a spirit that has never perished. But we now know—what was seldom understood before—that a revolutionary transformation of society must also be a revolutionary restoration of our metabolic relation to nature: equality and sustainability must coevolve if either is to emerge triumphant. And if we are to survive.

I haven't seen this film (Burn!) yet, may be this week.

Excellent stuff from one of the most important political ecologists on the planet, the editor of Monthly Review, Profesor John Bellamy Foster,

Marx's ecology (the Marxists after him didn't keep up Karl's interest!), Chavez, climate change and Latin American themed film (starring Marlon Brando), John Bellamy Foster hits all the spots.


Green Party Principal Speaker's shocking drugs admission

Dr Derek Wall, 41, has admitted after huge public pressure, to his closest collegues in the Green Left 'that I didn't take drugs at school'.

Dr Wall who was elected Principal Speaker in 2006 after a 26 year career in the party was forced into this embarrassing admission that could cost him dear in any future contest for the top joint post in the Party, after pressure from prominent Party members and the press.

Shane Collins the Green Party drugs czar, who coordinates the politically powerful Party Drugs Working Group refused to comment on Dr Wall's plight.

Dr Wall remains defiant, 'The fact that I didn't smoke cannabis at my school Corsham comprehensive in Wiltshire 1977-1983, does not mean that I am not fit to be Principal Speaker. Many other prominent party members [Dr Wall refused to name them] failed to take drugs at school, it doesn't mean that you can't represent the party. Frankly I don't think the public care. I do think it is hurtful to hav…

Cameron on cannabis?

I had a chat with David Davies at the channel 4 politics awards but I didn't think it would result in this, David Cameron efforts to out flank us on difficult policy continue.

I really thought I had them on Sea Shepherd but the suggestion that David smoked cannabis at school is a new frontier, I only went to a comprehensive and they were too cheap skate to give us cannabis... only at Eton I guess, so I can't honestly compete on this one.

shocking more here

What next is the shadow cabinet going to head for Radley lakes spliff in hand or appear with Paul Watson disrupting the whalers (I would keep a clear head for this chaps and might fall off and have to be rescued from the icy waters or get eaten by giant squid).

More seriously, sad to say the conservatives on Oxfordshire County Council rejected plans to save the radley lakes...

For our decriminalising policies see below. (note cannabis cafes are out because of no smoking in public places)

Short Term Policies


George Bush should resist a Wagnerian exit from the White House.

“WE ARE not planning for a war with Iran.” So said Robert Gates, America's new defence secretary, on February 2nd. You cannot be much clearer than that. With a weak and isolated president, and an army bogged down in the misery of Iraq, the American Congress and people are hardly in fighting mood. Nonetheless, and despite Mr Gates's calming words, Iran and America are heading for a collision. Although the risk is hard to quantify, there exists a real possibility that George Bush will order a military strike on Iran some time before he leaves the White House two years from now.

Here we go again, the build up is like the build up to the invasion of Iraq, wmds, wmds, wmds...oops disaster....600,000 dead and counting in Iraq, rapture here we come in Persia.

Even the Economist (see above)who supported the invasion of Iraq over WDMs, is resisting this war, we must make it politically too costly for the US to attack Iran.


Paul Watson defends Sea Shepherd against the japanese whalers

Canada cancelled the registration of the Farley Mowat in August 2006. Registration under the Belize Flag was cancelled after only 10 days in December 2006, after Japan had requested the ship be deregistered. The British Government has said the registration of the Robert Hunter will expire on the 18th February, after a request by Japan based on the use of the ship. This makes both Sea Shepherd vessels effectively "pirate ships" with no state registration. An irony considering that both vessels purport to be upholding international law and treaties to which no State has been willing to also enforce other than through ineffective diplomatic approaches.

"We haven't broken any law or regulation, but now we're not registered anywhere -- we're technically a pirate ship without a flag," said Captain Paul Watson from the Farley Mowat. "It means that we could be attacked and confiscated at will by any nation including the Japanese," he said.

More here f…

Radley Lake ecosquatters evicted

I was sad to hear this

green politics is served by direct action against the forces of destruction, I am so sad, protesters protest and often lose a battle but their efforts must be cheered on by all of us who simply want a future for our children.

A rather scary women with Brian Haw at the politics awards (ch 4) told me that his demand for peace was 'not revolutionery', I told her that sadly all the common sense/decent demands for enough to eat and a future for our planet, the non killing of kids were 'revolutionery'

She ticked me off, quite annoyed and walked off happy she had won the argument.

I persist, the revolutionery eco protesters just want to save some lakes but hey despite everyone apparently saying how green they are, the real greens get busted by the cops once again!

Well in the spirit of Captain Paul Watson....lets all keep on keeping on.

Any way FCUK npower, change your contract, tell them why and keep resisting ...may be just may be the lakes can still be sav…

Derek Wall condemns Uk government on anti-whaling register

Dr. Derek Wall, Green Party Principal Speaker, today criticised the UK government for 'bowing to Japan's economic muscle', in refusing to register various ships belonging to the anti-whaling and conservation group Sea Shepherd.

Dr. Wall said: "The Green Party has learnt that in December of last year, whilst Sea Shepherd were seeking to register the ship Farlay Mowat with the UK, Japan contacted our Foreign and Commonwealth Office, who in turn spoke with the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency, seeking to prevent the ship taking the UK flag.

"As a result, the ships application was rejected.

"Whatever the merits of the situation, the MCA should be acting independently.

"Despite the international ban on commercial whale hunting, Japanese crews are on a mission to kill about 850 minke whales and 10 fin whales, claiming this is for scientific research.

"But this is simply a tactic to circumvent the regulations, and amounts to commercial whaling in …

Lets make Brian Haw our new prime minister

Lets make Brian Haw our new prime minister, I know he is a bit religious and has met David Icke (mad,bad..uninteresting to know) but we need some ethical leadership which is not going to come from any New Labourite least of all Gordon Brown.

I wrote the above a few weeks ago. I

A few weeks later, go into a fight with him over the megaphone at the demonstration during the parliamentary vote on Iraq. With Brian telling me 'don't fuck about..get on with it', I in reply suggested to Brian politely that I rarely 'fuck about, I like to think about what I am going to shout through the megaphone before I shout it.

It all came out a bit ranty with Brian urging me on!

Any way everyone seems to know the news that he won the Channel 4 political award, we went along last night to the awards which will be shown on saturday at 7pm.

Even managed to get a seat, Chris Bryant MP didn't turn up so I borrowed his place. Nice to discuss Chavez with John Snow, talk about green snp possibi…

Mourides: literally liberal Islam

Like so many Senegalese migrants (some of whom drive taxis in New York or pick lemons in Spain), those Roman peddlers belong to a dynamic Sufi Muslim movement called the Mourides. They are followers of Cheikh Amadou Bamba, a religious leader who died in 1927. Inspired by his teaching, they have made an ingenious response to the advent of global markets in goods and labour.

Most of Senegal's 11m people are Muslims, and they usually belong to one or other of two big movements, the Mourides or the older Tidjanes. Bamba described the teaching now known as Mouridism as a return to Islam's roots. But his Islam has little in common with the more austere variety propagated from Saudi Arabia. For one thing, Mouridism has a cult of saints and shrines—including the tomb of its founder—which devout Saudis would reject. But the self-sufficient Mourides don't care; they raise money for their favourite causes and build their own mosques with no need of Saudi cash.

This is from Europe'…