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Bakhtin...prince of the pixies

Is academic work worth it...when faced with the RAE, seems like another game , a counting game, a market game...but sometimes it is worth it, just may be, Bakhtin who was great fun, a great scholar, a Marxist materialist in the best sense and a very zen Christian argued that political struggle went down to individual words. so nice to see Alex Plows effort as an ex-Earth First! donga gaining recognition for pixing....cited in an article which Brian Doherty and myself helped her in this rather nice web dictionary

Here is the pixie stuff pasted in, do try this at home kids...well may be...

Dictionary definition of “pixie”
pixie v. to practice sabotage as an expression of environmental politics.
Editorial Note: Pixieing can range from mischievous to criminal acts, including occupying a site, crippling machinery, or removing survey markers. Etymological Note: The article cited in the Oct. 2004 citation says, “The Ea…

Actually existing eco-fascism in Glasgow?

There seems to be very little discussion of actual far right Green politics, much of the use of the term 'ecofascism' is a silly insult from right wingers who fear environment legislation. Commentators in the US might see concern over global warming as leading to 'ecofascism' or of 'ecosocialism'. Green fascism/Nazism is an oxymoron in a sense because one of the pillars of green politics is social justice. Often criticism of 'ecofascism' is something else, for example, I have seen the primitivist John Zerzan labelled a 'fascist' now while you may disagree with primitavism it is not a racist ideology?

I think sadly in Scotland we have actual existing ecofascism in the form of Alistair Mcconnachie who has stood in several elections as the Independent Green Voice candidate.

His manifesto is strong on the environment and opposition to debt slavery but also hostile to 'bogu' asylum seekers and 'environmentally damaging immigration'.


Kingston Green Fair

Kingston Green Fair was well attended and fun, we only stayed for a bit, being quite busy. Very good to run into Liz Davies, ex Labour NEC member and chair of the Socialist Alliance, she is not a Green Party member but has been very supportative of Caroline Lucas and Jean Lambert, our MPs. She was famously blocked from standing as a Labour parliamentary candidate in Leeds, although generally pro Green she did criticise the Leeds Green Party (Farnley and Wortley) for working as part of a conservative-Lib dem adminstration. How can Green local councillors maximise their impact in the way are excellent MEPs have done? Can change be achieved without compromise with other parties, if not what compromise is acceptable?

She was talking about peace and reconstruction efforts in Iraq, stressing that there is an obligation to work for these goals while removing troops.

My debate with Adam Buick of the Socialist Party of Great Britain, attracted a tent full of 30 plus people, we didn't seri…

Nobody was supposed to survive

'The question is: Did they deserve the harassment, abuse, and, finally, the vicious death other people's intolerance of their life style brought upon them?

Every bomb ever made falls on all of us.

And the answer is: No.' Alice Walker

Notice I have a post from 'Team America', all I can say is that when you meet a mother Sue Africa whose beautiful child, the spitting image of your own, has been killed by the FBI, in an action that burnt down a dozen blocks, it makes you think.

I guess not everybody in the US and in their mind set is thinking.

Ofcourse MOVE were and may be are far from perfect but in Team America, murder is the sport of the elected, in the USA which is being extended from prison nation to prison planet.

Both the MOVE experience and my visit to Venezuela, show how much right wing opinion is based simply on racism.

I guess if the facts of the anti-Mumia crowd were true, Alice's article is answer enough but when in the 1980s the US authorities were accus…

Worm bin toilet

I found the above link, cool, but would it work in the UK, I guess in the winter it would become too cold to use outside and the worms would die with absolutely catastrophic results. Marx's ecological concerns centred around the waste of sewage that was flushed away rather than used as sweet might soil for the land.

Marx noted that capitalism 'disturbs the circulation of matter between man and the soil' in Chapter XV of Capital One, I don't think Mrs Jenny Marx was prepared to put up with an outdoor eco toilet, now of across in a socialist country like Cuba I guess this is normal and in Venezuela compost toilets are being put into the barrios, this is a public health measure where there is no connection to the sewage system.

Anyway see some of you tommorrow at the Kingston Green Fair, where I am sure Adam Buick of the SPGB will roundly condemn me for discussing actually existing ecological reforms, when eco will only come after the socialist revolution...

But at the same

Green lifestyle

Well, I have been planting more beans, leeks, coriander, tomatoes.....using the compost and filling tyres which can be used for growing with soil.

Lifestyle....well we need to change structures not view personal effort as key, Green parties need to be putting in the ecological structures cycle lanes, kirbside collection of waste for recycling, green building standards, green policy should be focussed on these kind of reforms, small scale local energy production rather than nukes, composters not incinerators.

Lifestyle...should be a pleasure, nice bit of digging if you like digging but a mulch of cardboard or appropriate compost kills the weeds and conserves water with less long term effort.

Lifestyle...from freeganism, squatting, growing useful basics like herbs can mean that we are less dependent on a capitalist economy.

Lifestyle...its about cultural identity but competitive lifestyle action, I recycle more than you can be a pain like competitive consumption, although with less bling an…

David Orton/Synthesis/Regeneration

I notice that a lot of Green bloggers are Canadian, so I thought I would post this from David Orton, a long standing ecosocialist and deep ecologist from the Green Party of Canada, looking at the reasons why the NDP are neither Green nor Red, Synthesis/Regeneration is the main discussion/theory magazine for US Greens much of it open source on the web and worth looking at

Synthesis/Regeneration 40 (Summer 2006)


Some Critical Thoughts on the NDP
by David Orton

Some members of the Green Party become quite excited when people associated with the New Democratic Party of Canada (NDP) make various criticisms of the party. I believe one should always be open to hearing criticisms and looking at one’s own practices, to see if some rectification is needed. I make a distinction in my own mind between those who criticize the GP from a position of fundamental opposition to what Greens stand for, as opposed to those who…

First year of Venezuela Solidarity

Here is a report on the first year of Venezuela Information Centre in the UK, click on the left to join....don't forget Green Revolution meeting next sunday June 4th, mail me on to find out more.

Venezuela is a good example of where we are slowly and not without contradictions growing anther green world


Summary of VIC’s activities in its first year

Today (25 May 2006) marks the first anniversary of the Venezuela Information Centre which was launched at a packed public meeting in London.

VIC was set up in response to the spreading of misinformation about Venezuela. In its first year, VIC has been campaigning to build the widest possible support for progressive change in Venezuela and opposition to US intervention.

VIC’s aims are:
· To support the defence of Venezuelan national sovereignty and the right of the Venezuelan people to determine their own future free from external intervention;
· To oppose US or other foreign interferen…

Darker shades of green

This is my essay on ecofascism, it was sparked off by Anna Bramwell's Ecology in the 20th Century which argued that the Nazi regime in Germany was the first to advocate green policies. I countered this 'Hitler was a vegetarian' stream of argument by Anna, who as far as I could tell was on the outside of the Tory right. This was back in 1989 when I was one of three Green Party Principal Speakers (along with Sara Parkin(where are they now?) and Jean Lambert, now a stunningly good and effective Green MEP).

I was the ecosocialismo candidate, threatening to some even in the era before Chavez, and the conflict between the 'realos' and 'fundis' was beginning. At the Spring Conference in London, all three of us made plenery speeches. I used mine to insist that the party had to be on the side of justice least 'greens' be labelled as right wingers by the likes of Anna Bramwell. Sandy Irvine got up to speak, he was an ex International Socialist full timer…

Tatchell defies Moscow gay ban

This is another area where Green Party of England and Wales members via Outrage, personally or through the Party having been working hard. Shocking to see the Grand Mufti, the Chief Rabbi and heads of the Russian Orthodox Church competing to make hate statements (just as well the Dala Lama is away from his Moscow Dacha this week).

Peter Tatchell is a consistent and very brave campaigner, the Greens have been drawing attention to the rise in anti-gay sentiment in Eastern Europe. Yet another reason for joing the Party, just click on the right, you know it makes sense.

Tatchell defies Moscow gay ban

Moscow Mayor threatens mass arrests

Religious leaders pledge violent counter-protests

Threats will not stop Russia’s first Gay Pride march

London – 25 May 2006

Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell will join Russian gay activists
and defy a ban on this Saturday's Gay Pride march in Moscow.

Despite the Moscow mayor's threat of mass arrests, and the threat of
violence from nationalist and reli…

Green Trade Unionists back AUT and NATFHE

Well I am hoping that today's talks between the unions and the universities bring a swift settlement so that I can clear my marking back log. All very 'memories of a callous picket' circa the winter of discontent saving grace is at least you know where you are with the Conservatives. In a week when I thought I must have been writing David Cameron's speeches, good to see Boris Johnson attacking those of us taking industrial action, together with GLA Conservative support for the right wing opposition in Venezuela, I know where I am again and we can see that right wing Labour are faced by traditional right wing Conservatives...

Its already proved to be a bitter dispute, university pay has been sliding and of course, many courses are provided by part time visiting tutors (like yours truly) or even by graduates who are still studying. Universities are increasingly part of the market, so strong Union action from both students and employees is needed. Union acti…

Green's take action on trade union disability protest

Some good work here from Joseph Healy, who is the Party national disability advisor and also one of those organising the Green Party socialist Platform (meeting reminder ...June4th, open to party members, mail me on wallddd@hotmail,com)

The Green Party is supporting trades unionists working for Remploy, the UK’s biggest employer of disabled people, who protested today in London at a government review they believe will throw thousands of working disabled people back onto benefits.

The protest was aimed at Work and Pensions Secretary John Hutton, as he spoke at the TUC Disability Conference on Wednesday 24th May.

Remploy is a subsidised manufacturing company, run by the Department of Work and Pensions, which was set up more than 60 years ago to provide work for disabled people. It now employs more than 5,000 people in 83 factories in the UK making a huge range of goods for the public sector, from police chemical protection suits to furniture for university halls of residence.

However a s…


Caroline Lucas and Jean Lambert our two GPEW Euro-MPs are an excellent advertisment for the Party, day after day, they campaign on the environment and justice issues, supporting asylum seekers, UK prisoners wrongfully imprisoned abroad, fight to stop giant incinerators....I worked around the clock in 2004 to make sure Caroline Lucas was re-elected...if you want some practical action to save the planet, click on the link on the right and mail back the join the Green Party form. We need you, what are the alternatives the Lib Dems (all things to all people, despite the radical liberal tradition, in almost permanent identity crisis), the Labour Party (Friends of Berlesuconi), British far left groups....ecosocialism is advancing in the Greens.

Any way rant over, here is an example of Caroline's work on climate change.

May 23rd,



Telephone Tappers 'R US'

Well more for Mumia because he can write better than I can, mainly preparing for the Green Revolution meeting, sunday PM, June 4th, mail me on, if you want to get involved in building a green left network in the Green Party.

Zazen later, essential.

Do ofcourse subscribe to Mumia and support his and MOVE's prisoner campaigns.

[Col. Writ. 5/14/06] Copyright 2006 Mumia Abu-Jamal

The recent report that the nation's largest phone companies turned over data on millions of Americans is less surprising than the somewhat muted response it has evoked.

If polls are to be believed, nearly 70% of those polled find nothing objectionable with the secret tracking of phone calls by the National Security Agency (NSA).

Without directly challenging the accuracy of such polls, the simple facts that folks aren't up in arms, marching on the White House like angry cinematic villagers, torches in hand, on the tracks of a Frank…

MOVE: Their religion is life

The worst thing was seeing the photo of three children, two black girls and a white boy, playing and then realising that all three had been burnt to death when the FBI dropped an incidendary device on the MOVE household. MOVE have a reputation as crazy people but nobody deserved to die and the MOVE people I have met Ramona, Sue and Carlos when they toured Britain were solid and sane. Opponents, particularly serious opponents, suffer from disinformation and huge ideological attack, hey I have met Chavez and he seemed to have a sense of humour and so opennesss to ideas, rare in politicians. This is an essay about my work with MOVE in the 1990s followed by a history of MOVE I found on the net plus some suggestions for action.

I have also put MOVE in context in my green history book

MOVE, Mumia Abu-Jamal and Green Politics
By Derek Wall